What to Remember While Planting a Weeping Cherry Tree

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If you are an avid gardener, you must have heard of the cherry trees that can add a new shine to your landscape. When they are blooming, they can be mesmerizing. You can see various pictures of them over the internet to know why we are appreciating it so much. In case you have heard [...]

Growing Hostas: The Simplest Way

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Hostas are one of the most preferred landscaping elements. These stunning plants are available in varied sizes and colors. Apart from adding beauty to your landscape, they are also very hearty which makes them a perfect choice for landscaping projects of varied types in almost all locations.     Though the Hosta plant is quite [...]

Top 7 Plants You Can Use For High Traffic Areas

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Won’t it be perfect if no one trampled your landscape? But it sounds too good to be true right? Well, you might not be able to ensure that people stay on the landscape paths and they don’t opt for shortcuts through the landscape but there is a way out. You just need to add [...]

7 Reasons to Trust a Professional Landscape Designer

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Designing a landscape is not as easy as it may seem by reading a few landscaping blogs or seeing a few videos on the topic. If you want the landscape design to be amazing, you need to be proficient in different fields of study like soil biology, engineering, horticulture, engineering, and art.     [...]

4 Reasons Why Commercial Landscape is an Essential Part of Your Building

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If you own a business, you definitely want to gain a competitive edge against businesses that have similar pricing or similar properties like yours. One way to gain a competitive edge is to invest more time, money and energy in a commercial landscape. In case you want reasons, why you should invest the necessary time, [...]

The Best Design Ideas for a Perfect Garden Shed in Sydney

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Your garden is not just a household play field or a lawn. It can be made to be a perfect location for setting up storage sheds where you can store unused household items. Your shed will be part of the exterior of your house, thus it will be crucial to keep it presentable and [...]

7 Ways to Ensure You Create a Safe Landscape

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When you are designing or modifying a landscape, you might have thought of the design, the décor, the lighting, the plants, etc. But have you thought of landscape safety? Remember that it's your responsibility to ensure that the landscape you create is safe for all its regular users and visitors. So, you can’t overlook it. [...]

3 Tips to Design Your Landscape in Compliance with Local By-Laws

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If you have a property in an environmentally-sensitive area, then you may face several complications in getting a landscape project approved. Things can be more complicated if you live in an area that abuts a watershed resource. You should realize that there are a lot of rules and regulations in place that aim to protect [...]

7 Ways to Ensure Your Commercial Entryway Beats Every Other Landscape

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When you are designing the landscape of a commercial property, you cannot afford to forget that your entryway is a vital part of the property as it’s the first opportunity to greet customers, employees, tenants and visitors. This is the reason it is very important to ensure that the landscape around the entryway is top [...]

3 Things You Might Overlook When Designing a Lawn Space

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A lawn has been a standard feature of a landscape for decades. It’s so popular that people expect it to be a part of a landscape whenever they are hunting for a new property. But when you are looking for a property with a lawn, you must remember the fact that they need a [...]