Creating a Butterfly Garden is Easier Than You Think

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Every gardening enthusiast hopes that beautiful butterflies flutter around his or her garden and if you are also hoping for the same then you need to know that creating a butterfly garden is far easier than you think. By attracting butterflies to your garden, you will be doing these beautiful creatures a favour because they [...]

How Compost Can be Turned into an Awesome Asset

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If you are a gardener, you already know that rich and dark compost can be as valuable as a magical elixir that will not only multiply soil’s nutrients but will also enhance its water retaining abilities. The result is healthier plants that are quite adept at fighting off common plant diseases which might decimate the [...]

Common Landscaping Mistakes You Must Avoid in Sydney

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Nowadays, the world has been adopting a do it yourself culture very fast. This allows people to try their hands at new things, develop new skills and learn interesting things while they get to save money. The downside of this culture is that people often trade expertise and quality to get that experience and achieve [...]

8 Gardening Tools that are Needed by Every Gardener in Sydney

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If you want to keep your garden beautiful looking and in tip-top condition then you don’ need to do the entire work alone. You can take the help of must-have tools that will make the task easier and prevent you from damaging the plants that you already have.     Tiller You need a small [...]

How To Create Your Own Little Indoor Herb Garden

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Creating your own herb garden is so easy that you won’t even have thought that it could be this simple. It is also quite beneficial because when you have your own herb garden, you can have unlimited access to all the fresh herbs and use them while cooking. Growing an herb garden is also [...]

What to Remember While Planting a Weeping Cherry Tree

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If you are an avid gardener, you must have heard of the cherry trees that can add a new shine to your landscape. When they are blooming, they can be mesmerizing. You can see various pictures of them over the internet to know why we are appreciating it so much. In case you have heard [...]

Growing Hostas: The Simplest Way

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Hostas are one of the most preferred landscaping elements. These stunning plants are available in varied sizes and colors. Apart from adding beauty to your landscape, they are also very hearty which makes them a perfect choice for landscaping projects of varied types in almost all locations.     Though the Hosta plant is quite [...]

Top 7 Plants You Can Use For High Traffic Areas

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Won’t it be perfect if no one trampled your landscape? But it sounds too good to be true right? Well, you might not be able to ensure that people stay on the landscape paths and they don’t opt for shortcuts through the landscape but there is a way out. You just need to add [...]