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Stages Of Landscaping

Are you planning on recreating your lawn to give it that warm and healthy look during the warm months, Well, why don’t you try out landscaping designs? This method is useful as it can transform a dull looking grass to beautiful and healthy ones. Therefore call a professional landscaping company to help you turn your lawn into something elegant and beautiful.

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Apart from working closely with the company in designing your garden, there are three critical stages that they undertake so as to complete the work and attain your dream lawn which is essential for you learn about.

First Stage

The first step involves the designer coming up with a layout. The plan consists of a map showcasing how your garden looks like and all other features in it such as the trees and what will be added to it.the map may either be a simple sketch or detailed depending on your vision and the state of your garden.

The map acts as a guide to you and the designer on what is to be included in landscaping and what to do away with. Therefore a layout is very crucial to you as a garden owner as you will be able to take part and know how every features either in the backyard or that will be added will blend to give you your dream yard.

drawing a landscape design

Second Stage

The next stage is all about upgrading. This phase involves changing what already exists in your garden to a more polished and modern look. For example, if your flowers are planted in a square landscape, this can be changed. The designers usually present a drawing in the form of 3D that helps the garden owner have a view of what and how the changes are going to be done in the backyard.

The importance of a 3D drawing is that it provides a more detailed and definite view as compared to standard images. Therefore upgrade helps you have a clear vision of what to expect in the results of your garden landscaping.

Third Stage

The third stage is also referred to as premium stage and consist of the final results of what your landscape is going to do and be. This step involves the design utilizing all the ideas that are beyond the first and the second stage of the work hence the name premium stage. The category includes full image colors with an incredible amount of detailed information and features.

google sketchup 8 landscape design

It also includes the details of the work involved what is to be used from the beginning to the end of the task. The designer also makes sure that everything is prepared well for the approval from engineers who are expected to review it and give the required permit. As the owner, you can also have a view of your new landscape which can be shown in the form of 3 D.


When working with a landscaping company, avoid settling for an idea or vision that you are not aware of. Ensure that you are involved and see the planning process of your garden and this will enable you to know what to expect at the end of the work.

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