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Using Landcape Design Software to Create the Yard of Your Dreams

Landscaping your yard doesn’t have to be left to a professional. You can become your own professional landscaper by utilizing some of the many great landscaping software programs on the market and pay a mere fraction of the cost you would pay someone else to come in and do the job for you.

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Consider being able to sit in your favorite chair and plan your entire landscape all from the convenience of your laptop or desktop computer. Without the assistance of any shovels, digging or planting, you get a virtual tour of exactly how your yard will look all before one piece of dirt is disturbed.

With most software, you are able to create a virtual map of your property by simply scanning in a photo of your yard and dropping plants and other features in digitally. Others require you to impute measurements of your yard space before you can begin to lay out any landscaping drafts.

There are many software programs on the market that will enable you to do everything from chart growth of your plants to watching the shadows cast at any time of day during the year. Knowing what kind of software to buy is key to having your own personal needs met.

There is no one size fits all software because every yard and every person is different. You are no exception. For you to know what to buy, you must first figure out what you want to do.

There are software programs out there that are free and others you can purchase for your computer. Again, this depends on your need and your intention in using the software. Here are a few examples of features you can get in some landscaping software:

  • 2-D, 3-D Viewing and Design
  • Virtual Tour of Property
  • Seasonal change preview
  • Object and Plant Libraries
  • Gardening Basics
  • Plant Care Guides
  • Regional Planting Guides and Recommendations

These are just a few features you can find in landscaping software programs. Some are so advanced that you can estimate the complete cost of your entire project at every stage of the process.

Features like a sprinkler system add-on will allow you to develop a plan to chart flow rates and even give you a shopping guide for pipes and emitters.

Whatever software you decide to go with, take the time to learn it. Do not expect to be able to install it and immediately start to plan. For it to be done correctly, you must learn all of the features the software has to offer and how to implement them into your own landscaping dream design for your yard. But do not be intimidated by the software. Anyone can learn to use it, and developers expect DIY when they are designing it.

No matter how you go, online or purchased software, you are still choosing the most inexpensive and cost-effective way to plan your landscape. You can sit and make virtual changes on your computer screen and know exactly how everything will look before you go and spend any money on labor or supplies.

With the right kind of software at your fingertips, you can create the yard of your dreams all from the comfort and convenience of your computer screen.