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Landscaping Ideas Around Trees

No matter where they’re situated in Sydney, trees offer all sorts of different benefits. They can also do a lot of good if you have them on your own property. You can even choose to add some landscaping blocks around trees in order to add a sense of both design and charm, which will allow you sit underneath a tree during an afternoon and be completely shaded from the sun.


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There are all sorts of different designs of landscaping blocks, with each one offering its own unique charm and beauty. If you want to add a further sense of beauty, you can even surround the tree with a flower bed.




In order to build a landscaping block around a tree, you must do so in a cautious manner. If you don’t, you will risk causing harm to the tree itself. Here are the steps that you should follow in order to achieve this.


  • Begin by outlining the area in which you will be setting up the blocks. Make sure first that you give the tree’s roots enough space so that they can be nourished. Typically, this amount of space should be three to six feet away from the trunk; however, it’s also important to keep the size of the tree itself in mind. In order to ensure that the block is at an even enough distance, consider tying a rope at the base of the tree’s trunk. You will be able to use this as a guide to help you mark the area where you will be setting up the blocks.


  • Dig down approximately two to three inches after you have determined where you will be setting up the blocks. When doing this, ensure that you cause no harm to the tree’s roots. Once you finish digging, level out the area in which the blocks will be set up. In order to make this process easier, you can use a plate compactor if you need to.


  • Begin setting the block foundation. You will need to select the most even blocks that you currently have. Once you do, set the blocks in place. You may end up having to adjust the blocks, removing them, or using a rubber mallet in order to revamp the soil. This is something that is done in order to ensure that the foundation is built evenly.


  • Build up the wall around the tree by stacking the blocks. Take the time to ensure that they are all stacked in a way that makes them durable and sturdy. You can ensure that this is done by alternating the joints in the way that most bricks are often stacked. The reason that this is done is to make sure that there aren’t any seams that go on continuously, which will make it more likely for the entire structure to easily collapse.


  • Add an embellishment of your choice or prepare and plant a flower bed. There are some trees that allow for a plant bed to be added within the blocks; however, other trees, such as oak, will release secretions that are acidic in nature, which makes it impossible for anything to grow in the vicinity of the blocks. In an event such as this, you can simply add designs to the blocks themselves to make them look nice on their own. Click through here to read more on the topic.