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NBG Landscapes provides landscaping services in the Sydney metro region and all its suburbs. Feel free to get in touch with our team to find more about our previous projects.

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Landscaping projects are a great way of adding value to your home, learning new skills, and getting your hands dirty especially when you are enthusiastic about landscaping and you love making the effort. However, despite the time and effort you take, there are some outdoor projects that are extremely challenging and overwhelming for homeowners.

Hiring a professional like NBG Landscapes to carry out some tasks such as steep slope terracing, electrical work, and excavation might be just what you should do to complete a landscaping project successfully. Here are some of the most common outdoor projects that homeowners prefer hiring professionals to take care of.

Reasons for Hiring a Professional Landscaper

The key reason why most people shy away from hiring services of a professional landscaper in Sydney is the budget. There are quite a number of homeowners who hire professionals to do tasks requiring skilled labor and do other landscaping work themselves. An obvious reason for hiring professionals is their expertise and skills.

Reliable garden professionals have experience of many years in similar tasks and they can show you before and after pictures of the projects they have done previously. They should have the ability to assess a worst-case scenario that may assist you in making better decisions.

More so, if your project demands special equipment or tools, a professional will have easy access to them and have a team that is well trained in using them.

Utilizing the services of a professional who can be able to make decisions that will be of value to your landscape and home such as filing correct permits and setting up things to code is reason enough to hire the right professional.

Outdoor Projects Requiring an Expert

Type of Plants

Professional landscapers are well-versed in the different types of trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals that are most appropriate for your soil quality, yard, water usage, and lifestyle. If all you want is a yard that is tolerant to drought, then an expert can create such a landscape to suit your needs.

If you have concerns about poisonous plants, or you need an organic garden but lack time to create one, or you have pets, then a professional will find the best solution for you.

Homeowners will often want to remove some existing trees and plants when renovating a landscape. An expert will be in a better position to advise you about any potential erosion or runoff issues and offer you appropriate and practical solutions.

Design, Plan, and Permits

In case you are a beginner landscaper, then it will be crucial to seek the assistance of an expert who will guide you through the entire landscaping process. A professional will offer you different designs and layouts that suit your budget and taste.

A professional will also assist you in getting the best services and materials available. In some areas, permits might be required before undertaking some projects. In case your project requires permits, an expert will be in a better position to advise you on the types of permits that would be required and even file a permit on your behalf.

Ensuring you get your project completed to code is very crucial. If a project requires a permit and you fail to get one, you might risk receiving an order stopping the work.

Wiring, Electrical and Lighting

It is important to have proper outdoor lighting to enjoy a swim after sunset or late night parties. A qualified professional will start with assessing your property and then suggest different lighting solutions and their benefits.

You will have a chance to choose between different themes, discuss newer technologies such as green options, and discuss the solution that will be of the greatest value for your set budget.

An expert will assist you in finding the latest lighting fixtures or make repairs to older fixtures. An expert may also sub-contract an outdoor lighting project to other experts who understand your home’s wattage and electrical system requirements.

Outdoor wiring is one of the most challenging DIY projects. It demands extra attention than indoor wiring. The outdoor environment is affected by factors such as changes in pressure and temperature, humidity, bugs, and pests, and this makes outdoor wiring a tough task.

Improper wiring may result in a short circuit and this can be dangerous. An expert will guarantee you quality of work and protect you to dangers that may arise while undertaking the task.

Water Features

Adding a small water fountain or a pool in your landscape is a good DIY project for home owners who are handy and need a hands-on project. However, installing large water features can be complicated for most homeowners.

Such projects demand a lot of excavation and hauling large rocks, hardscaping materials, and boulders. Professionals will ensure that the underground work is done well such that pipes will be leak-free and well-insulated and they drain properly.

Landscapers work closely with hardscapers to create a good balance between landscape and hardscape.

Spas and Pools

Constructing a swimming pool or a spa is not an easy project for most homeowners. Such a project is large and requires large excavating machinery. If a pool is installed improperly, it can be dangerous to use. The best time for planning to install a spa or a pool is many months before the time you intend to use it.

Assessing the property, developing the design, acquiring materials, and filing permits can take time. A landscaper will work closely with pool contractors to create a beautiful transition between the landscape and recreational areas.

Porches, Patios, and Decks

Most homeowners like trying out the construction challenge of installing a patio, porch, or deck, but such a project is often left to the experts. For instance, a decking contractor understands all the structural engineering requirements of installing a deck and can assist a homeowner through the different materials available in the market.

Concrete contractors will have all the necessary machinery and tools to remove an old and damaged material, disposing it properly, and creating a new patio. A concrete expert also understands drainage and run-off issues and will angle the material properly to ensure that water does not run towards the foundation of a home.

In some towns, such projects might require a permit. Professionals will be able to advise you about permit requirements and file such paperwork on your behalf.

Irrigation and sprinklers

It is not too challenging to install a sprinkler system on a small yard. However, if you don’t want to do this project yourself, or you need a low-maintenance irrigation system, then it will be better hiring an irrigation specialist.

Such a specialist will plan and design the most efficient watering system and create a timing system that will suit your lifestyle. Specialists will also advise you on the areas of your yard that might require different watering systems.

Always ensure you go for a professional who understands the nature and slope of your landscape and one who can offer you advise on techniques for saving water.