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At NBG Landscapes, we’re the leading experts in synthetic and artificial grass in Sydney. We supply and install premium artificial grass in sporting facilities, businesses, and homes across Sydney.

We’re a local, family-owned landscaping industry with decades of experience in landscaping. We offer durable, long-lasting, eco-friendly, top-quality, and affordable synthetic grass.

If you need an attractive lawn that requires almost zero maintenance, then consider installing our artificial grass. We offer several types of artificial grass that are suitable for installation in industrial, commercial, and residential spaces.

We also have synthetic grass that’s ideal for golf courses, sports surfaces, spa and pool surrounds, shires, rooftops, and schools.

We offer a range of synthetic turf installation services in Sydney

Artificial Grass Installation

Essentially, installing artificial turf involves a sophisticated process.

The installation process should be followed strictly.

At NBG Landscapes, we supply and install all types of artificial turf to properties in Sydney.

We offer a risk and hassle-free artificial grass installation to both commercial and residential properties.

Residential Lawns

We supply and install top-quality synthetic turf to homes across Sydney.

You can choose from a wide variety of residential synthetic lawns that’ll make your home look great throughout the year without any maintenance.

Commercial Surfaces

We offer a wide selection of commercial synthetic lawns.

There’re many styles to choose from depending on your preferences.

You can be sure to find a perfect artificial lawn for your commercial property.

Artificial Grass Maintenance

Although artificial lawns don’t require any maintenance, you can prolong their lifespan by observing proper care and maintenance practices.

At NBG Landscapes, we have many years of experience in maintaining artificial lawns in Sydney.

As a landscaping company that cares, we’ll offer you expert advice and tips to ensure your lawn looks great throughout the year.

Bowling Greens

Artificial bowling greens have advanced and developed tremendously.

Professionally installed synthetic grass comes with more benefits than natural grass.

For instance, it doesn’t have any downtime. Players can perform at any time and under any climatic condition.


DIY synthetic grass is a perfect option for businesses and homes in Sydney.

Synthetic grass doesn’t require a lot of upkeep like natural lawns.

It doesn’t require any watering, fertilizing, or mowing.

Wondering whether artificial grass is the best choice for your business or home?

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Why Choose NBG Landscapes?

Businesses and homes in Sydney choose our synthetic grass services and grass products based on numerous reasons including:


Numerous Varieties

At NBG Landscapes, we supply a wide range of long-lasting, realistic, high-quality, kids and pet-friendly, and affordable synthetic turf in Sydney and its surrounding areas.

Save Money

By installing artificial turf, you’ll forget about trimming equipment, maintenance, mowing, fertilizer, and huge water bills. Also, you’ll save the time you’d otherwise use to take care of natural grass over the weekends. Besides, it remains beautifully green regardless of the weather condition or season.


Our artificial turf is locally made for Sydney’s climate. Our artificial grass products come with a warranty. Also, our synthetic turf has decades of lifespan. By choosing our artificial turf, you’ll rest easy knowing that the grass will remain green for decades.

Naturally Green

We deal with premium artificial turf that looks like real grass. It’ll instantly enhance the look of your home or business. Besides, it features a realistic green colour.


Installing a synthetic lawn is a great landscaping project for most properties including nurseries, shires, homes, and schools, thanks to its environment-friendly nature. It’s safe for pets and kids. With respect to hygiene, you can easily clean it with light hosing. Also, artificial grass can keep your pets and family safe from toxic herbicides and pesticides. It also keeps ticks away.


Our artificial turf lasts for decades. It comes with a warranty to guarantee you many years of service.


What’s the lifespan of artificial grass?

Our artificial grass lasts for about 25 years. Its lifespan leads in the grass industry. It can offer you many years of services when well maintained.

What’s the lifespan of artificial turf on football pitches?

Artificial turf from NBG Landscapes lasts for about 25 years on sporting grounds. We have special grasses suitable for installation on specific surfaces. For sporting grounds, we have artificial sports grass that’s designed for use in high-traffic spaces.

How long would it take you to install artificial turf on a 40 sq. meter yard?

Artificial turf from NBG Landscapes lasts for about 25 years on sporting grounds. We have special grasses suitable for installation on specific surfaces. For sporting grounds, we have artificial sports grass that’s designed for use in high-traffic spaces.

What measures can one take to prolong the life of artificial grass?

Always clear any spill soonest possible. Don’t allow spills to stick to the turf. It’ll require more effort to remove it in case it sticks. Also, harmful elements and pollutants can damage artificial turf. Thus, keep any harmful elements and pollutants away from artificial grass.

Do your synthetic grass products come with a warranty?

Our synthetic grass products come with a warranty. Thus, you can rest easy knowing that the grass will serve you for many years.

Can artificial turf be installed over natural grass?

Yes. It’s possible to install artificial turf over real grass. However, we don’t recommend it. Although it can save you money and time, the result won’t be as good as a pure and properly installed synthetic lawn. Natural grass may survive underneath artificial turf and prevent proper water drainage, thereby causing several issues later on.

Is artificial turf dog-friendly?

Artificial turf is pet-friendly. It’s ideal for use on dog runs and pet borders due to its important features such as allowing your pet’s urine to get drained effortlessly through it. Also, you can easily wash off the urine or any other dirt from the grass by hosing it. Besides, your dog won’t dig holes through the artificial turf.

Is synthetic grass safe for children?

Yes. Our synthetic turf is 100 percent safe for children. The turf is soft and any falls during playtime won’t result in injuries. Also, synthetic grass reduces allergies since it doesn’t support pollination. Additionally, it contains an antimicrobial infill that stops bacteria from spreading to children.

What’s the cost of artificial grass?

Artificial grass is available in several different types. The price ranges depending on the chosen grass and the size of the ground to be covered. Just ensure you choose the right artificial grass and ask questions. In case you’re seeking to save time and money in the long run, artificial grass is your best bet.

I’m thinking about switching from natural grass to artificial turf but hardly know whether it’ll work for me. Can you assist me with more information about it?

Replacing natural grass with artificial turf is a good decision. It’s a move that’ll save you a lot of money, time, and energy required to maintain a natural lawn throughout the year. Artificial turf requires little time to be installed. It requires little soil conditioning and preparation, unlike natural grass that requires a lot of preparation and time to grow.

Can you install artificial turf on a rooftop garden?

Yes. At NBG Landscapes, we install artificial turf on rooftop gardens. It’s something we can do regardless of your rooftop’s size and conditions. Our experts can install artificial turf on a rooftop garden at highly competitive rates.

Is it possible for weeds to grow through artificial grass?

If artificial grass isn’t installed properly, weeds may grow through the grass. Our experts can assist you to install artificial grass professionally, thanks to our immense experience in installing artificial grass. However, if you want to install the grass yourself, we can assist you with professional advice on how to go about it.

Will synthetic turf improve the value of my property?

Yes. Installing synthetic turf is an investment that’ll enhance the beauty of your property and increase its value. If maintained properly, synthetic turf can last for about 25 years.

What’s needed to install artificial grass?

First, order the right type of artificial grass as per your preferences. We can assist you in making the right choice. First, the installation area should be measured and cleaned up. The soil should be prepared properly to prevent natural grass and weeds from growing through the artificial grass. We’ll work with you closely whenever you need our assistance.

What’s the best artificial grass?

Today, there’re many artificial grass suppliers to choose from. Thus, you can easily find the best artificial grass. However, the best option will depend on several factors.

For instance, you should identify your area’s climate and the installation location. When it comes to the installation location, the kind of traffic in that area will determine the kind of grass to install. For instance, grass featuring thicker blades is more suitable for areas with high traffic.

Also, you should consider whether you’re allergic and whether you have children or pets. If yes, you’ll need to choose a pet and child-friendly grass. Also, choose a long-lasting type of artificial grass since you’ll want it to serve you for many years.

What’s the best material for replacing a natural lawn?

The best replacement for a natural lawn is artificial grass. The majority of our clients who have replaced their natural lawns prefer replacing them with artificial turf.

They prefer artificial turf for its quick installation, affordability, and ease of maintenance. Besides, they require less effort to install and maintain than natural lawns. By installing an artificial lawn, you won’t spend money and time on fertilizing, watering, mowing, and weeding.

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