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Custom Planter Boxes in Sydney

Experts in Building Timber Garden Boxes

Custom made designs

Beautiful wooden planters hand built for you

At NBG Landscapes, we have the option of making to order our hand-made custom wooden planter boxes in Sydney, as well as storage boxes or seats.

These are perfect for creating great balconies, rooftops, or to add some class to your outdoor area.

We can help utilize that outdoor space that is often wasted. Great for growing herbs and veggies, screening the neighbors out, or to add some beautiful color to your outdoor area. You can design your own with your choice of timber and dimensions or you can leave it up to us.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the complete range of services offered by our landscaping companies Sydney team.


Frequently Asked Questions About Planter Boxes

What wood is best for planter boxes?

Hardwood is best for planter boxes, as it has longevity and durability. Also, looks good!

How do you keep wooden planters from rotting?

You can keep your planters from rotting by waterproofing them.

How long do wooden planters last?

Our hardwood planters would last 20 years!

Is Pine good for planter boxes?

Treated pine can be used, but also needs to be waterproofed to prevent rotting.

What to fill large planters with?

You may fill large planters with potting mix.

Can I use pressure treated wood for a planter box?

Yes, you can use pressure treated wood.

How do you protect a wooden planter box?

You can protect a wooden planter box by oiling the outside with a protective decking oil.

What do you put in the bottom of a planter for drainage?

We put Geofabric on the bottom of the planter box followed by a layer of gravel then more Geofabric to separate the drainage from the planting soil.

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