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NBG Landscapes offers superior turf installation services in Sydney. In fact, many Sydney property owners trust us in achieving their desired landscape and outdoor space.

Perfect Lawn Installation

Making your garden look great with an attractive visual appeal largely depends on the kind of grass you choose.

As leading Sydney landscapers, we know the importance of having a fresh and neat lawn as it assists in enhancing the functionality and aesthetic of your landscape.

We use a personalized approach from the start to completion of every turf installation project.

We start with measuring the available space, getting the underlay ready, and preparing the grass for immediate laying.

We follow the right procedures when laying the grass to allow for fast new plant growth.

As experts in laying turf, we’ll assist you in choosing the right type of turf for your soil type and garden.

That way, your outdoor space will have a perfect look.

Our customer reviews and testimonials can attest to our perfect and unmatched lawn installation services.

With our extensive gardening and horticulture knowledge, we can install several types of grass to guarantee your home a whole new look.

Turf Laying Specialists in Sydney

We apply a well-thought-out approach that’s customized to your lawn needs.

Also, our approach takes note of the right dimensions for the space that requires turf installation.

When using NBG Landscapes for your grass installation needs, you’re assured of getting a personalized strategy for the best lawn design.

Our turf installation process includes:

  • Taking precise measurements of your garden
  • Choosing the right turf
  • Preparing the needed earthwork
  • Setting up the underlay
  • Installing the turf
  • Shaping the turf with perfection
  • Giving you professional advice on maintaining your turf

As landscaping experts, we can assist you in maintaining your garden throughout the year.

A Garden Can’t Be Complete Without Grass

Choosing the appropriate turf for your outdoor space is an important decision that every Sydney homeowner should make.

However, there’re many options to choose from, making it quite challenging when shopping.

As your most reliable landscaping company in Sydney, our turf installation experts will assist you to make the right choice.

By choosing the appropriate type of grass, your landscape will become more functional, aesthetic, and versatile.

Besides, a luscious lawn will increase your property’s value.

A luscious lawn can be used as a great play zone for your kids and pets.

It can also be used as an entertainment zone for family and friends.

Elevating the look of your home requires the assistance of landscaping professionals to install grass.

At NBG Landscapes, we’re your most reliable turf installers in Sydney.

Our Huge Selection of Natural Turf

As landscaping professionals, we only source natural grass from leading suppliers. We only deal with premium quality grass.

Since different grass types differ in terms of texture, maintenance requirements, growth potential, and length, we only recommend the right type of grass for your property.

We analyze the soil type and shade capabilities before making any recommendation. Furthermore, we take account of your preferences when recommending the best type of grass for your outdoor space.


Buffalo Grass

It’s one of the most preferred types of grass in Sydney. It’s drought-tolerant and durable. It only requires minimal regular maintenance.

TifTuf Bermuda

It’s among the best drought-tolerant grass in Sydney. It only requires little irrigation to thrive, even in hot summers. It’s a great choice for any homeowner who wants their lawn to have a superb look.

Rhizomatous Tall Fescue

It thrives in a cool climate and features a dark green and lush color. It’s perfect for shaded areas and front lawns.

Sir Grange Zoysia

It’s a premium and top-quality grass. It survives drought and features a dark green color.

Eureka Kikuyu

It’s perfect for growing in sunny areas. It’s pet-friendly, fast-repairing, and features medium-coarse leaves with vibrant green colour.

Consult With Our Turf Installation Experts Today.

Contact NBG Landscapes today on 0422 246 213 for all your grass installation needs in Sydney and get a free quote.