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Every homeowner in Sydney desires to spend quality time in their outdoor space. It’s possible to enjoy the best outdoor living by investing in top quality timber or composite decks, pergolas, bin hideaways, privacy screens, fencing, and balustrades that suit your lifestyle, personal taste, and budget.

NBG Landscapes, one of the best landscapers in Sydney, can customise your decks anywhere across Sydney, Australia to blend with the colour scheme, flow, and style of your home.

You can rest assured that your deck construction will be carried out using premium quality materials for long-lasting usage and a stunning look with minimal maintenance.

With over 10+ years of experience, our deck builders will ensure that you get the outcome you want, from the initial design consultation to installation. Our decking Sydney experts offer a free design consultation.

We’ll produce a customised outdoor living area design depending on your needs and offer a free, no-obligation quote with a competitive price to assist you in making a more informed choice.

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Eco-Friendly and Durable Timber Decks

Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

A versatile deck made of premium timber can transform the idle outdoor space of your home into a dream relaxing area. Our timber decking Sydney service is ideal for swimming pools, front porches, pergolas, and patios.

The durability and timeless charm offered by wood make it a great material for making decks for your outdoor living area. It only needs a special form of treatment during manufacture and little maintenance in its life to maintain its style and handle the tough outdoor conditions.

Use timber or composite decks to define your dream outdoor living space. If you reside in Sydney, Australia, you’ll have the luxury to define the look of your deck design with a wide range of composite, hardwood, and softwood decking material.

These material options come in a range of grades and colours to choose from. Besides, the decks can be oiled or stained to match the finish of your house.

Recent Deck Projects

The Process of Decking

Our composite decking Sydney team boasts of offering comprehensive design consultation and installation services to meet your needs. We serve the entire Sydney region including the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Eastern Suburbs Sydney, Inner West Sydney and Sydney South. The first step involves arranging for a free onsite inspection.

Our deck builders will assess the available outdoor space of your home for composite decking. Afterward, our decking Sydney professionals will guide you through these steps:

  1. Free measure and quote
  2. Discussing the design ideas depending on your outdoor living space
  3. Choosing the best timber for making your deck
  4. Taking you through samples and photographs of different decking products
  5. Making an order for timber
  6. Preparing the decking
  7. Installing the floorboards and deck

Unmatched Quality and Design

NBG Landscapes boasts of making premium quality composite decking. Our professionalism and standards make our company lead as others follow. Whether you want to replace a small domestic deck or a larger commercial decking job involving multiple decks, we’re your most reliable composite decking company to make you a top quality deck on budget and on time.

We specialise in complex deck design and building. Whether the deck will be installed on steeply sloped blocks, in high rise city apartment blocks, or a waterfront property that requires access via crane barges, we can do it for you. Our vast experience in decking puts us in a position of tackling any challenge successfully.

Our deck builders have over 10 years of experience and have completed some of the most complex and difficult decking jobs in Sydney. Thus, we can design and build any kind of outdoor living deck you’d want.

All composite decking work is done by our experienced full-time specialists. We don’t subcontract any decking work. You’ll only work with us from the moment you contact us for the job until completion.

Our Sydney Decking Services

High-Quality Timber Decks

You can turn your customised deck into reality by hiring our deck builder. Our hardwood timber decking experts will advise you about the best options for your needs and answer all the questions you’ll ask.

Our deck builder will work closely with every client to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations. Contact us for more detailed information regarding our range of custom decking Sydney service.


Entertainment Area

Our Sydney decking team can customise an outdoor entertainment area, dining area or a pergola for you. You can rely on us to add beauty and transform your dull backyard into a perfect space for family entertainment all year round.

Our decking experts in Sydney, Australia specialise in transforming a dream decking design into reality. Contact us for a customised alfresco area that will match your needs.



NBG Landscapes’ deck builders acknowledge why it’s important to select the right person for your decking Sydney and patio construction project. You definitely need a dependable, experienced, trustworthy, and affordable builder.

Our decking team in Sydney have the much-needed experience and all the tools required to get the job done. Simply talk to us about your patio construction work and we will be glad to help.


Deck Maintenance

Out deck builder makes durable decks, thanks to our premium quality design and advise that will transform an old deck in your property into a dream deck that’ll look like new.

Consequently, your outdoor space will have a new look. Our decking team in Sydney strives to offer the best customer service combined with clear communication to ensure that you understand how the work progresses at every stage.


Pool Decking

We can build a safe, slip-resistant, and accessible pool deck to make it more enjoyable to bask in the sun during summer. Our deck builder will make the pool deck with durable materials. Besides, we can build it above-ground or in-ground depending on your preferences.


Privacy Screens

You can separate your landscape from that of your neighbor by installing a versatile, elegant, and durable screen. Each privacy screen is customised to fit perfectly in the space and suit the kind of privacy you need while still allowing you to enjoy viewing the scenery around your home.


Timber Fencing

Make your landscape look and feel timeless and classic by installing a long-lasting timber fence. We can design the kind of fence you want, including custom height and the kind of timber slats you want for a unique touch.

The Available Types of Decks

Some deck design ideas are more suitable for use in certain geographical areas than others. However, your ultimate choice will be based on your preferences and the type that will match your garden and house.

We’ve summarized the types of decks we offer. You can request us for extra options. Besides, we’ll source any variety of timber deck you want.

Most boards in the options available feature a width of between 67 to 140 mm and a thickness of between 18 to 32 mm.


Treated Pine

Pine is a softwood. It is pressure treated to make it perfect for all decking uses. It boasts of being the most affordable composite decking wood board available today. It can be installed with stainless steel type of nails. You can prolong its life by painting or sealing it regularly.



Merbau is a very popular board. It’s a highly durable hardwood and features a reddish-brown look. It’s typically grown across the Pacific region. Overall, Merbau wood is worth your hard-earned money.


Australian Grey Ironbark

Just like its name suggests, Ironbark is the toughest and hardest board available today. It looks great with its mixed tones and interlocked grains. It outlasts most boards.



Blackbutt is grown in Australia. It has a light blonde/brown colour. Its appearance is consistent with minimal variation between the boards. Blackbutt is best for installation in areas prone to wildfires in Australia. It’s hard-wearing and a great all-rounder timber.



It features a unique grain texture and colour. It looks pale yellow with attractive interlocked grains. It’s locally grown and extremely durable. Tallowood will definitely make your decking stand out.


Red Ironbark

Red Ironbark is an imported alternative to Grey Ironbark. It’s also more affordable than Grey Ironbark. It’s available in different shades of dark red. It makes stunning decks.



Jarrah is a hardwood timber with a rich red colour. It’s grown in the Western Australia region and has natural properties that resist elements. Its incredible colours, long-lasting nature, and toughness make it a perfect choice for a unique look.


Spotted Gum

It’s typically grown in the S.E Queensland and the Northern NSW regions of Australia. Spotted gum is one of the most commonly used wood boards, thanks to its durability, a perfect mixture of shades, interlocked grains, and affordability. Thus, it’s a great choice for most decking applications.



Trex boasts of being the most sold decking board worldwide. We’re among the few builders in Sydney that display a wide range of Trex decking in our showroom.


Northern box

Northern box is an imported timber. It’s also often referred to as Pelawan. It’s an amazing board and very economical. It doesn’t bleed, unlike Merbau.



Millboard is a composite imported mainly from the United Kingdom. NBG Landscapes has enough experience to install Millboard composite decks. We use the latest technologies to manufacture decking board materials out of Millboard.

The timber finishes we use combined with an extensive warranty makes this composite board an admirable and unique option. Besides, it’s durable with an unrivaled look. You can get it in several widths, with 200mm being the largest width available.



We’re a registered and certified installer of Modwood decks. We’ve built a good number of Modwood deck designs across Sydney. Our vast experience in installing Modwood composite decking boards puts us in the best position to assist you in selecting and installing this amazing decking product.

Modwood is among the best in composite decking. You can get it in four different colours. It’s also available in several reversible finishes. It can be fitted with Klevaclips to allow for a smooth and clean look without any visible fixing. Our decking team in Sydney are experts in manufacturing Modwood decking. Besides, we offer a competitive cost price for this product on our decking Sydney outdoor living projects.

Professional Decking Installation & Maintenance

By choosing NBG Landscapes, you’ll never have to worry about spending time to lay down timber or read through unending instructions.

By hiring our composite decking Sydney installation service, you’ll be assured that your deck will be built to the highest standards for many years of comfort, enjoyment, and lasting value.

If you need assistance with deck design and maintenance, we’re only a phone call or email away from assisting you. Our composite decking Sydney team will be more than glad to assist you with expert decking maintenance tips. Besides, we offer a routine deck maintenance service. Excellent customer service is our top priority. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help and provide expert advice and information.

Consult With Our Sydney Deck Builders Today.

We treat every outdoor living space like a work of art.