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Over the many years we’ve offered our services in Sydney, we’ve gained immense knowledge that has allowed our landscapers to build structurally integral, safe, attractive, and modern retaining walls.

Besides, we install retaining walls that enhance the overall look of any outdoor space. We acknowledge the importance of accommodating your property’s outdoor situation when coming up with a design for the retaining walls.

We offer a solution comprising timber and concrete sleepers for areas that aren’t prone to the weather elements in Sydney.

At NBG Landscapes, we’re local specialists in installing retaining walls. We are known for providing several kinds of retaining walls that are secured and long-lasting. We only source supplies from the most renowned suppliers.

Retaining Wall Builders in Sydney

NBG Landscapes is your most reliable landscaping company in Sydney.

We install durable, safe, and reliable retainer walls. We ensure the retainer walls are designed according to the purpose, environment, and aesthetic of your outdoor space.

Besides enhancing the look of your property, they also make your home feel better.

However, choosing the right retaining walls to complement your landscape is often challenging.

Luckily, our landscapers will assist you in making the right choice depending on your property’s situation. We’ll also assist you in choosing an option that conforms to the requirements of your local council.

Besides concrete and timber sleepers, we also install galvanized steel or treated pine post walls, especially for those looking for an economical but reliable choice.

It goes without saying that NBG Landscapes is the company to go to for all landscaping services in Sydney.

Sydney’s Retaining Walls Specialists

Our broad skills in designing and installing retaining walls allow us to produce aesthetic, complementary, and functional treated pine, rendered block, stone, or concrete walls to enhance the structural integrity and safety of your garden beds.

That way, your garden beds will withstand the weight behind them and harsh weather elements.

You can choose from a wide selection of retainer walls that suit your budget, space, and environment including:

  • Stone walls
  • Timber walls
  • Rockwork and rock walls
  • Concrete walls
  • Concrete and hardwood sleepers
  • Treated pine sleepers
  • Brick walls
  • Rendered block walls

Consult With Our Landscape Builders Today.

Regardless of your location in Sydney, we can assist you to elevate the look of your garden.

If you’re seeking to enhance the look of your outdoor space or garden with retaining walls, contact NBG Landscapes today on 0422 246 213.