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At NBG Landscapes, we offer Sydney property owners professional and unmatched garden edging services. We can transform your average garden into an incredible space.

Quality Garden Edging Services in Sydney

Ever wondered why designer gardens look so modern and clean? Well, the incredible clarity you see on most designer gardens today is a result of garden edging.

Basically, edging keeps gardens separated and prevents them from blending into the lawn. Thus, edging gives the garden a refined and clean look.

It’s relatively easy and quick to install garden edging. It can enhance the attractiveness of any garden significantly.

NBG Landscapes can assist you in choosing, installing, and maintaining garden edging. There’re many styles and design options to choose from.

Why Choose Us?

If you want to install edging on your Sydney garden but you’re not sure how to go about it, our edging experts at NBG Landscapes can assist you to choose and install the best edging design.

Remember that edging isn’t only meant for gardens.

Edging can also be used to secure gravel, make artificial grass borders, timber decking, terracing, paving, lawns, asphalt/bitumen, and tree surrounds.

At NBG Landscapes, we offer both commercial and residential garden edging services in Sydney.

If your garden requires edging, contact us on 0422 246 213 for free consultation.

Edging Options

There’re several garden edging styles and options to choose from including:


Steel Edging

Steel edging involves bending steel and shaping it to create curved features in the garden. Steel is bought in a treated form for a fantastic rust look or in its regular silver sheen for a classic look. You can brighten your garden with a clean silver sheen or give it a homely and rustic feel with treated steel.

Aluminium Edging

Aluminium is the priciest edging material. Regardless, it can give your garden a modern feel. You can edge your garden with aluminium by bending it and securing it with pegs. Once shaped, it can form shapes and curves that’ll outline your garden.

Timber Edging

If you want an original edging option, then consider timber edging. You can choose hardwood edging to define simple garden borders at an affordable rate. There’re several timbers to choose from, with each option having its own feel and look. Although timber is cost-effective and looks nice like brick and steel edging, it doesn’t last long. However, it’s a great choice for a gardener working with a tight budget.

Concrete/Brick Edging

Concrete/brick is relatively hard to lay. Also, it requires a lot of maintenance. Although it may crack with time, it lasts quite long. Whether cracked or not, bricks are easy to replace to keep your edging looking great for years. Brick and concrete edging is available in several shapes and colors. Furthermore, you can have it tailored according to your garden’s design.

Recycled Plastic

Recycled plastic is the most durable form of edging. It creates borders for tighter and smaller garden beds effortlessly. Although its design options are limited and it’s not as decorative as other edging options, it’s great for its ease of installation and low maintenance.

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