Need some extra privacy or security? You can choose from different materials including block fences, feature fences, pine paling and hardwood, timber, pickets, color bond, and chain mesh. Moreover, you can choose from many styles.

Home Entrances

One of the most important aspects of any home is a well-designed entrance. A great entrance is the one that welcomes you warmly and gives your visitors a great, first impression.

Concrete and Paving

Concrete paths and hard surfaces have replaced grassy lawns in most homes. The modern lifestyle is now oriented more towards concrete outdoors than grassy lawns. Concrete, paving, and other such hard surfaces are increasingly becoming popular. Today, the grass available to mow in most homes is reducing due to an increase in hard surfaces.

Patios and Decks

Wooden decks feel very sturdy under the feet. Hardwood timber is densely packed with fibers that make it a great material for patios and decks. Properly hand-crafted patios and decks won’t fail you.

Swimming Pools

You’ll need to hire the right swimming pool builder for the best job. The best time to rebuild or install a swimming pool is when landscaping. If you want the swimming pool and its surroundings to match seamlessly, then you can have the design and construction work done by one qualified contractor.

Gazebos and Huts

We’re specialists in constructing pergolas and gazebos. We can use hardwood timber posts with a solar span roof when constructing your deck. Our experienced builders will hand nail the decking and complete the job beyond your expectations.


Most landscaping projects require excavation. Excavation should be done perfectly to make sure the job gets done on time and accurately.


Our company offers all kinds of residential garden irrigation services. Our services include landscape irrigation, lawn irrigation, designing and installing lawns, drip-feeds, popup sprinkles, and automatic irrigation systems.


Landscaping demands proper drainage to ensure water doesn’t collect and undermine plants and structures.

Water Features

Well-designed water features create perfect focal points in a garden. Having water features running on your garden will enhance its beauty.

Privacy Screens

You can add outdoor screens to enhance the beauty of your landscape and get rid of ugly fences. Privacy screens will allow clean airflow throughout the landscape while still creating a stylish, modern look.

Plants and Edging

Gardens and plants are a big attraction in any landscape. Decorative edging can enhance their texture and color.

Synthetic/Turf Grass

Grass is a great landscaping material. However, natural grass demands a lot of maintenance work for the best look. However, you can switch to synthetic grass as it requires less watering and doesn’t attract pests.

Retaining Walls

There are many retaining wall options to choose from including boulder walls, stone walls, link blocks, timber sleepers, masonry blocks, and more.

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