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Early Influences in Landscaping Designs

Landscaping design can be described as an environmental trend that requires artistic, scientific and all the technical knowledge needed for maintaining and taking care of the landscapes on the earth.

The artistic part includes knowing how to design distinctive patterns of the soils and the plants, and other architectural features that are needed to make a garden.

Therefore when designing a landscape, it is always critical that you take into account the soils, climate, drainage and other essential features needed for the plants and flowers to survive.

Landscaping originated from the way back and was first used by France and England people. Therefore it is grouped into two categories:


French landscaping

This kind of landscaping focuses on pristine, having an order and creating straight hedges. Other notable details include maintaining a healthy lawn, planting trees and shrubs as well. One of the places that this method was used is in the Palace of Versailles.

The French landscaping was introduced at Palace Versailles during the reign of Louis XIV in the 17th century whereby he asked le Notre who was his landscape architect to redo his garden. The garden has been maintained in this form up to date.


landscape design 19th century


English Landscaping

This type of garden was introduced in the 18th century. The well-known architect who introduced this kind of landscaping is Lancelot Capability Brown whereby he used the method to remodel the grand estate parks of England so as to ensure it is neat and well maintained.

Unlike the French, English landscaping incorporated other features such as flowers beds, wooden areas among others such as the romantic temples.

The architect designs from the two states have a significant impact in the modern landscaping designs too.The modern designers can combine the ideas from the two regions to come up with great gardens,


Landscaping Designs in Australia


In Australia, the first English school that taught about landscaping was introduced by Capacity brown whereby, the students were taught the simple and most organized formula in creating a great looking garden although they only knew how to design square landscapes. The look was also achieved by the use other elementary features too.


The Colony Grows

With time as the colony in the Australia began to grow, people started to have a different perspective about gardening in return.People started to do away with the use of native plants, trees, and flowers which were the most popular features used in England at this time.


The New Change

In the year 1830, a new designer known as Thomas Shephard arrived in Australia and brought new changes. Thomas brought new ideas such as destruction of the natural landscape so as to come up with new and better designs an idea embraced by the current landscape gardeners.

Although some Australian wanted to enforce the act of landscaping without using any natural looks, Thomas was quite against it and saw it as an irresponsible act.


The Introduction of Native Plants in Australia

At the beginning of 20th century, a leading author who was also a botanist encouraged and supported the use of native plants. This trend took place until the time of second world war when a surge of nationalism took people around Australia to see native plants.

This led to people getting to embrace the use of the native plants as a way of landscaping in Australia something used up to date by many. Read this for more information on NBG Landscapes’ Sydney related services.