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Landscape Design Schools

Landscaping schools are designed to teach potential designers how to combine nature and culture to create aesthetically pleasing surroundings. Students are taught to use their knowledge and training to find a delicate balance between the two, all the while showing respect and learning the value of natural resources.

Recent shifts in society towards environmental awareness have caused increased concern over the protection of our surroundings. Potential landscape designers learn the best ways to work in this situation, making both clients and environmentalists happy.


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There are a number of schools located in Australia and New Zealand that offer degree and diploma courses for landscape design. The goal of the courses is to teach students how to understand and apply the concepts learned so they can extend their scope of work and what they can offer clients.

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Students will take part in a planned study program covering all aspects of landscape design, including design practice and applications to enhance their skills. The programs center on practical knowledge rather than book learning and theory, so they are easy and enjoyable to follow. The teaching methods are more direct and therefore more effective.

Completion of a program from a well-established school opens up great opportunities for the candidates to secure a good job. They can approach projects with confidence, credibility and creativity.

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Most schools offer the choice of either certificate or degree programs. You also have the choice of completing an online landscape design course. Both are designed for the student, allowing them to apply what they learn in real life. Courses are taught on soil, fertilizers and plant health which are valuable knowledge a landscape designer will need as they face different projects.

Landscape designers are hired to enhance a piece of land and are expected to create a design that is visually pleasing as well as environmentally suitable. Their planning, vision and application is what is enhanced through the school courses.

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Learning Horticulture

  • Learning about horticulture, whether on your own or as a class will help your understanding of nature and therefore benefit your landscape designs. Intimate details about plants and nature in general will ensure your designs are the best.
  • Most horticulture classes in schools involve theoretical learning as well as practical session where they get to practice what they learned in real work settings.
  • Horticulture courses or degrees are designed to prepare an individual for a career win landscaping. From design to improvements and maintenance, they are prepared to complete any project they are approached with.
  • Programs offered in horticulture include associates, common degree and certificate courses.
  • Detailed knowledge allows you to get a job or to work more on a contract basis.
  • Staying up to date on trends can help you to change landscapes to fit with the present trend or contemporary designs.
  • Courses place emphasis on topics such as plant breeding, plant recognition, conservation, nurseries, plant illness and infections, tree cultivation as well as design and building of landscapes. You will have the necessary knowledge to take on most projects.
  • You will practice woodwork, soil studies, and design.
  • Once graduated, some students are invited to complete a chemical applicator’s exam, which results in more experience to take into the field.
  • If seeking a diploma, some institutions extend classes on architecture, building arrangement and uses of land which can earn you a Bachelor’s degree. Further education can earn you a Landscaping Master’s degree, which focuses more on design techniques and applications.
  • Courses are designed both for those who landscape for a hobby and those looking for a career. Adult students can even attend night classes.

If you have chosen to pursue horticulture and landscape design, then you have expressed a desire to work with plants and to develop and enhance surroundings. You have concern for the environment and wish to develop competence in the field. Choosing a reputable institution for training and experience will guarantee you success in your new career or hobby.