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The design brief for this Annandale backyard was to turn the existing run-down original garden into a functional and modern inner city garden including plenty of storage whilst retaining some of the heritage factors and reusing the existing bricks.

The lower deck was an extension of the inside living area. The raised garden beds and large steps were constructed using the existing bricks on the property.

A lawn area for the kids to play which stepped up to another small deck and bench seat under the existing tree that was retained.

We custom built the outdoor shed with an inbuilt gutter so that it could tie in seamlessly with the overall project and becomes a feature of the back yard rather than just another garden shed.

The double opening doors makes it a versatile space for storage and tinkering in.

Cobblestone paving was installed at the entrance to the shed and also along the side pathway.

The installation of garden lights allowed the space to be equally as beautiful and functional at night as it is during the day.

The garden beds were lined with standard gardenias and underplanted with cerastium tomentosum, with an automated irrigation system.

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