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Balgowlah Heights Location 4_1.14


This project embarked on a mission to craft an oasis of open lawns and captivating entertainment areas. Our goal was to cultivate an environment that not only nurtured the joy of children’s play but also fostered the bonds of family life. To achieve this, we carefully curated lush, low maintenance planting that embraced the surrounding landscapes, intertwining nature’s beauty with human creativity.

At the heart of this endeavour lies the pool area, a testament to both elegance and functionality. With meticulous attention to detail, we designed the pool with the finest materials, adorning it with spotted gum decking and limestone coping. These elements were thoughtfully selected not only for their durability but also for their timeless charm. Additionally, we incorporated towel hangers, seamlessly merging convenience with style, ensuring that every aspect of this space reflected our commitment to both practicality and aesthetic excellence.