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Clontarf Location 2_1.9


This project in Clontarf was meticulously designed to conceive a captivating collection of outdoor sanctuaries harmonising flawlessly with the existing architecture and breath-taking vistas.

Upon arriving at the house entrance, one is greeted by a delightful path of steppingstones flanked by a vibrant tapestry of lush foliage. To ensure privacy and enhance the aesthetic appeal, a captivating hardwood batten screen was installed along the side of the property, seamlessly blending with a tropical oasis of carefully selected plants.

A majestic staircase beckons you to descend into a mesmerising BBQ area, adorned with low-maintenance artificial grass and elegantly designed seating benches. From this vantage point, one can bask in the serene ambiance of the magnificent North Harbour.

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The pool deck underwent a magnificent transformation, as it was revitalised with the timeless beauty of Spotted Gum. This exquisite timber naturally evolves into a graceful grey patina over time. As a testament to its versatility and year-round usability, a captivating fire pit area was masterfully incorporated, serving as both a delightful dining space and a cozy gathering spot. This thoughtful addition ensures that the space can be relished regardless of the season.


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