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Clontarf Location 3_1.9


This project seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetic design, transforming both the front and back yards into enchanting spaces that invite exploration and create an immersive experience. In the front yard, a symphony of elegance unfolds with the addition of a new driveway, front fence, and masonry walls. Lush feature planting adds a touch of natural allure, harmoniously merging with the architectural elements to create a welcoming entrance.

Stepping into the back yard reveals a retreat, where every element has been thoughtfully crafted to maximise enjoyment. Retaining walls provide structure and visual interest, while deck spaces beckon for relaxation and social gatherings. Meandering gravel paths entice exploration, guiding visitors through a captivating landscape that embraces lush plantings and captivating features.

At the heart of the back yard lies a resplendent pool, adorned with new pool tiling and surrounded by carefully curated lush planting. The interplay of colours and textures creates an oasis of serenity, inviting a refreshing dip or tranquil contemplation.

Thoughtfully incorporated lighting highlights the various features, casting a soft and enchanting glow that guides individuals on a captivating journey through the site, enhancing the ambiance and creating a truly immersive experience. Learn more about landscaping in Clontarf.


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