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We specialize in handmade and customized storage solutions suitable for fishing rods, paddle boards, kayaks, skateboards, surfboards, or any item that might be challenging to store.

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NBG Landscapes can provide basic and custom designs for both horizontal and vertical storage of your boards.

We also offer customized designs that match the quantity of your boards and the accurate storage location.

Racks are usually made using a wide range of materials such as treated pine, light pine, hardwoods, and PEFC timber.

We also aim to supply shops with board displays that are custom made to fit the available space and theme.

We also provide market vendors with customized rack stands since their unique board products make it challenging to source a perfect rack.

All the racks are usually made after placing an order, and it takes around 1 to 7 days to deliver an order as per the specified design.

There are some racks you can disassemble for easier transportation on a normal car while others would have to be made on site. It all depends on the specific design.

We manufacture a wide variety of products such as racks, and this makes it possible for us to meet all the needs of any surfer through board manufacturers, retail traders, surfing events, and board riding clubs. All the products we design are sturdy, easy to use, and safe. You can learn more about our services by searching for landscaping companies near me on Google and reading NBG Landscapes’ customer reviews.

We manufacture our products to the highest standards using the best quality materials available. If you use our products correctly, they will serve you for a life time.

We design all the racks not just to assist in keeping your boards safe from damage when stored at home, but also when they are in a retail store to allow for the best display of the boards.

This assists in making more sales since their display will enhance the general appearance of your retail store.