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Master of Landscape Architecture

Master of landscape architecture focuses on the environmental underpinnings, social and economics. This course is suitable for students that have an interest in becoming landscape architects. Most of these students have several ideas for improving development and quality of towns, regional landscapes, and cityscapes.


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The program gives student more chances to engage in public art curatorship, management of projects, making changes in management planning, urban designing, and cultural heritage.

The features of this course include the spirit of space, people, ecology, the design of cities, healing, respect, restoration, detecting places of renewal and original ideas. Qualified students have great ideas of coming up with an attractive surrounding and ability to create and restore worn-out buildings.

Landscape architecture is a certified course by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA), government, potential lawyers, industries, and professional representatives. These organizations equip the qualified students with the required knowledge and ideas in designing. A full course program entails assessment hurdle needs.

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The descriptions of the course

Landscape design is an extensive course which involves socializing with outdoor areas and trees. The program works for hand in hand with great ideas, visual, plans of planting, permaculture, aspects of landscape and businesses. This course is essential for a person that wants to pursue a career as a landscape designer. Successful architects or designer works with landscape firms and horticulture, and they always have an urge to improve their knowledge and skills.

Landscape architecture course has a total of 12 units. These units have online and physical classes. Some people ought to go for part time or weekend classes.

Units of Study

Primary units

  • Creating or designing a sustainable view/landscape (AHCDES501)
  • Assembling a view layout (AHCDES502)
  • Reaching out landscape areas (AHCDES503)
  • Design for construction of landscape feature (AHCDES504)

Optional units (choose eight units from the list below)

  • Taking care of landscape projects (AHCLSC502)
  • Preparing reports (AHCWRK503)
  • Choose the right plants for landscapes (AHCPCM503)
  • Prepare quotes, tenders, and estimates (AHCBUS504)
  • Collect and classify plants/trees (AHCPCM502)
  • Produce computer related images or drawings (CUAACD302)
  • Design a specialized landscape (AHCPCM504)
  • Identify, select and specify plants (AHCARB502)
  • Survey and establish site levels (AHCLSC501)
  • Develop an integrated permaculture system (AHCPER502)

Career opportunities

A qualified student in landscape design may choose to work with private or commercial horticulture/projects/scenes, managerial operations in the sector of domestic, technical or landscape design.

The aim and objective of the course

By the end of the course, graduates are should have ability to;

  • Provide advice to their clients in requirements and selection of trees
  • coming up with landscape design ideas
  • they should be able to tell the principles associated with landscape design places
  • must know the uses of sustainable practices

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Salaries of landscape designers

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, landscape designers have an average wage of $31.98 or $66,520 in a year. The best-paid architect earns $99,560 in a year of $47.87 per hour while the lowly-paid earn $37,620 yearly or $18.08 per hour. People require beautiful outdoor area and this lead to the high demand of landscape designers. Architects with strong knowledge of environmental regulations, technical and communication skills gain more chances of employment.

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