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Do It Yourself or Professional Lawn Mowing Companies?

Living in Sydney, New South Wales is truly a blessing – the amazing sun, clean blue waters and sandy beaches make up for quite breathtaking sceneries.

However, it can be hard to enjoy all this during summer if all you think about is trimming the grass, mowing the lawn and making sure the backyard is in order.

I usually find myself considering hiring professionals to leave enough time on my plate to enjoy the Sydney life, but is the investment really worth it? I sought to find out.


DIY vs. Professional Lawn Maintenance Companies:

Contrary to what you may think as a homeowner, comprehensive lawn care is by far more than just trimming, edging and mowing. For instance, you have to know the best type of grass that will thrive in your region, the right type of fertilizer to be used and even, how often it should be applied. Moreover, there is the underlying issue of soil analysis – identifying the nutrients present in your soil and which ones to add.


lawn mowing and maintenance


In a nutshell, maintaining a lawn is more sophisticated of a task than what most make it seem. If you were to ask most homeowners the type of tools that work best for their lawn, you would be surprised the answers you get. Did you know that the tools used to take care of mature lawns are different from those used to attend to newly seeded lawns? Well, now you know.

The bottom line here is, there is a lot more to it than just the basics. If you consider the time required to research about comprehensive lawn care and the effort needed to attend to your yard, hiring professional service providers is simply a no brainer. Think about the tons of considerations and skill-sets required such as soil science, the different types of weeds and how to effectively keep them at bay and the best type of grass for your soil just to name a few.

Sure, it makes perfect sense doing the work yourself in order to save a few bucks during these hard economic times, but at what cost? Should you spend all summer attending to your lawn rather than spending quality time with family? While some people derive a sense of accomplishment seeing their lawn grow from scratch, it just makes more sense investing in professionals to get the most out of it.

Remember that a beautiful lawn can greatly increase the value of your property – a key factor for flippers.

That said, choosing the perfect professionals to take care of your lawn can provide a whole new challenge as well. Most homeowners tend to go for the cheapest offer available rather than taking time to source for the perfect fit. Worth noting is, there are many quacks in the business and any guy with a lawn mower can easily claim to be a professional lawn care service provider.

As with any other sector, due diligence is a paramount necessity. Try asking around for references from colleagues, family and friend if necessary. Better yet, source for quotes from prospective companies you’ve found online or in your locality. Sure, getting a discount certainly doesn’t hurt, but at the end of the day, what matters is the task at hand which is getting the most out of your lawn.