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NBG Landscapes provides top quality landscaping and gardening services in Killarney Heights and its surrounding areas.

Our potential and focus at work has raised us highly above our competitors.

Our Landscaping Services

  • Innovative Landscape Designs
  • Paving
  • Retaining Walls
  • Turfing Services
  • Planting
  • Plant Selection
  • Garden Makeovers
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Decks
  • Pergolas


Quality Landscapers in Killarney Heights

Having a combination of innovation, trendy design elements, cutting edge expertise, and traditional knowledge base, our only real competition, is ourselves! We have a 100% satisfaction rate with our clientele and we plan to keep it that way. That is what sets us apart from the rest and makes us the best in this competitive industry.

NBG Landscapes is dedicated to making your landscape dreams an affordable reality by offering the following services:

Superior Landscaping Services

We listen to our clients..really listen, understand their ideas, value their dreams and work with them to achieve their green sanctuary. We offer practical advice and have an amazing track record for being genuine and courteous to our customers.

Our team of civil engineers provide their expert advice on structural integrity and design ideas on various outdoor aspects like barbeque pits, pools etc to create a visually breathtaking garden that can truly be your neighbours envy and a source of your pride.

Turf Laying Services

Here at NBG, we use the right kind of flora and grass to create beautiful visages that are of the very best quality and are a thing of much beauty.

Concreting and Paving Services

Be it sidewalks, driveways, thoroughfare around your residence, swimming pools, patio, steps, you name it, we pave it! we are well known in the industry for our high quality work and have concrete evidence to show you that we are the best.

Garden Maintenance and Consulting

A thing of beauty needs to be tended to with much care. Our trained botanists surpass our customers’ expectations when it comes to offering valuable advice on how to maintain their gardens by understanding its unique requirements.

Consult With Our Landscape Experts Today.

We treat every outdoor living space like a work of art.