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Summer Lawn Care Guide

Lawn care during the summer can be quite brutal, more so for those living in warmer climates. While most lawns tend to thrive during this season, few homeowners have time to bear with the hot conditions or numerous problems that tend to crop up with the heat. Here are a few basic tips to help you out during the year’s warmest season. Enjoy!

Lawn Watering:

As is expected, watering the lawn during summer should rank tops on your list of things to do. What most people don’t get is, proper lawn watering techniques actually helps the roots to dig deeper into the soil profile and while at it, enhance better water retention.

In a nutshell, watering your lawn properly enables your turf to become more tolerant to the summer heat. The secret lies in watering the entire lawn briefly only when it shows some signs of leaf wilt. Only then can you train the turf to develop a deep root system and weather the summer heat in effective fashion.

Lawn care in Sydney's Royal Botanical Gardens

Fertilizing the Turf During Spring:

What most homeowners fail to realize is, a healthy lawn going into summer actually has better chances of remaining healthy during the warm season, than one that is newly seeded when summer arrives. The same also applies for the winter season.

The bottom line is, lawn fertilization is mandatory before the onset of both winter and summer for your turf to thrive. The main idea is to use a high quality fertilizer way before summer arrives, so as to ensure the lawn is at its peak during the heat.

Proper Summer Lawn Mowing Practices:

Moisture loss is touted by experts as the main reason behind all summer turf problems. As mentioned earlier, correcting the situation is only possible through proper watering techniques to enhance deep root growth. You can, however, also choose to mitigate the moisture lost by the soil to the sun.

Sure, healthy lawns thriving in direct sunlight can be trimmed, but most turfs are at their best when the lawn mowing height is increased during summer. Basically, increasing the length of the leaf helps shade the soil and in the process, enhances better moisture retention by reducing the comprehensive soil’s heat stress.

You can also choose to insulate the soil through mulch mowing the turf. For those in the dark about mulch mowing, the simple practice involves leaving the lawn cuttings throughout the entire turf instead of raking, collecting and disposing the clippings.

Recycling these clippings not only mitigates moisture loss, but also serves as an effective source of nutrients to feed your soil. This can save you some neat bucks that could otherwise be used to invest in fertilizers.

Summer Lawn Weeding and Pest Control:

Most treatments used for weed and pest control can be quite harsh on your soil especially for DIY’ers lacking sufficient skills. It would be in your best interest to stay away from chemical pesticides during the year’s hottest days and instead, opt to wait for subtle days with less heat to begin spraying. It would, however, be in your best interest to adopt weed and pest control measures during spring way before summer.

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