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All You Need To Know About Weeds In Your Garden

By May 8, 2017May 26th, 2020No Comments

If you wish to maintain a healthy and great looking garden, you cannot negate the importance of proper weeding. It may seem like a gigantic task to some people but if you are a great garden lover who wishes to maintain a garden that is loved by everyone then you need to ensure that you go about the weeding process thoroughly and routinely to get the best results.

Now if you are looking for ways to become an excellent weeder then you will need to know about the tools, techniques and the timing of the task.


woman getting rid of weeds in the garden


Using Your hands is Not a Good Idea

The first thing that you need to remember is that using your hands to pull out the weeds and considering the job done is not a smart idea. This way the weeds will keep coming back to annoy you and you will start hating the task.

The fact is if you pull out the weeds by hand, all you are doing is disturbing the plant as you are not removing the vegetation or the roots fully. The plant would just gather its resources and grow up faster and the weeds would come back sooner than expected.


The Technique

Even when you just have half an hour for weeding, you must make sure that you use the right tools, a bucket and your gloves. Then you need to choose an area that you need to get sorted and concentrate on that. Never choose more than you can do as you will end up not doing it right.

Also remember to go after all the vegetation and roots in the chosen area to get the best results. Make sure that a plant doesn’t have any chance to grow back again by fully removing it.

The tools you might want to consider using are a cultivator, a Japanese Ho, a shovel or even a four tinted spading fork. The tool would mostly depend on how tough the task is. A cultivator would work for easier plants while a shovel is best suited for the tougher ones.

The dampness of the soil is also a vital thing to remember. If you wish to go with the weeding during rainy seasons, make sure you do it after it rains. In contrast, if you wish to do it in a dry or humid season, you need to ensure that you water the area in the morning to make the task much easier on yourself.


Timing Matters

When you wish to get rid of the weeds that are ruining the look of your garden, you must make sure to get rid of them on a regular basis. The best option would be to weed before all the prolific plants go to seed or they even start flowering to get the best results.

If you are thinking of enjoying the early stages of a landscaper’s life then you need to remember that you won’t probably have that opportunity. When a landscape has been freshly planted, the first three years matter the most.

You should be able to get rid of all the weeds during this time if you wish your landscape to be low-maintenance in the future. Sometimes you may even need five years before you get a natural balance which is sustainable and low maintenance.

When you are willing to follow all the above mentioned steps and do the weeding regularly and in the right manner every time, your reward would be a very attractive landscape in Sydney that will catch the eyes of the people passing by and get you many compliments from everyone.

People may even be so impressed that they ask you for tips on how to weed a garden and make you a weeding expert in your area. Won’t that be nice?