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The Sydney Harbour Bridge

By June 11, 2016August 29th, 2020No Comments

sydney harbour bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge, is a steel built arch bridge. It connects people and businesses in Sydney CBD such as to the North shore. It is 160 ft wide and 1,149 meters long. It lies at 134 meters above the sea level. The bridge was opened on 19th March 1932. It has a network which carries, motorway, a rail, bicycles and pedestrians.

It is one of the most iconic structures of Sydney and Australia. One can’t talk of Sydney and fail to mention the bridge. The bridge is known World -wide due to its New Year celebrations.

The fireworks display is watched by many people. The event is also televised by many stations internationally. This makes the bridge a marvel. While on the bridge one can engage in activities such as:


  1. Bridge Climbing

Many people throng the bridge to scale its heights. Climbing to the top of a bridge is an activity worth undertaking. The climb is filled with a lot of fun and sight -seeing. One is able to get a panoramic glimpse of Sydney city from an elevation. The climb is not for free thus a fee has to be paid. Once it is paid one is issued with a ticket.

The ticket is the gate pass which warrants a climb. The ticked also comes with a certificate, which shows one participated in a climb. A guide is also assigned to a group of climbers to navigate them to the top.

During the climb the navigator, narrates stories about the bridge to the climbers. Once at the top, each ticket comes with a chance to take a photo. The navigator is tasked with taking the photo.

During the climb, people are not allowed to carry any items with them. They are left in safe lockers at the base of the bridge. This a security precaution requirement. Climbers are also equipped with a specialized gear, which assists in climbing. Carrying of sun glasses is advised since the solar is very bright at the top.


  1. Shopping

For shoppers the bridge cares about them. Shoppers are able to buy branded merchandise. The merchandise may include t-shirts, caps and mugs. Shoppers have the privilege to make custom orders too. Most of the earnings from branded merchandise are donated.


  1. Cinema/Conference and Exhibition Rooms

Sydney Harbour Bridge, boasts of spacious rooms. These rooms are used to screen documentaries and hold exhibitions about the bridge. They are not limited to the bridge only, but other shows too. The rooms are hired for group meetings, trade fairs and events too.