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Things You Should Know About Sydney Landscape Architects

Your garden is looking a bit tired and shabby, and drastically needs a makeover. The fundamental decision you need to make is to do the work yourself and save a lot of money, or hire an expert landscape architect in Sydney and be assured of a high quality and satisfying result.


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Reasons To Hire A Professional Landscape Architect

Once you have decided to create a new look to your garden, you either have the option to do it yourself or hire a professional landscape designer.

Most people do not take the second alternative, as they view this as a wastage of money.

You may also be looking at hiring an expert as most people do, but do you know that contrary to this belief you might end up spending less with professional assistance? If you doubt this claim, keep reading to understand why it’s true, and learn why you should hire a professional landscape architect.


Trained Experts

For someone to be termed as a professional landscape architect, one has to go through the training required and to have passed the tests after the training. This is the first reason why a professional architect is better off handling your lawn’s design.

Due to the training these individuals go through, they will not only draw up and create your lawn, but they will also provide professional advice and perform an onsite analysis. You may have an idea, but don’t know the reason you should take it up or leave it.

These professionals will give you the advice you require, enabling you to make only those decisions that will bring positive effects on your yard.

Also, they will help you choose quality materials to use during your design. Therefore, you will be sure that you will make the best investment, as you will have a design that will last for long.


beautiful front yard created by sydney landscape architects


Licensed Professionals

Licenses are very crucial in projects that involve the alteration of existing structures. Professional landscapers hold these permits.

Licenses prove that your architect is qualified to handle your landscaping because they have passed through the training required and that they offer services that are compliant with the set codes.

Hence you can be sure that with a professional architect, you will not have errors in the designing that will be expensive to rectify because of having your project handled by an inexperienced person.

Moreover, these experts will make sure that the design they incorporate will meet all the requirements, so as not to necessitate a redo of the same.

Apart from bearing licenses, professional landscapers also hold insurance. A liability insurance protects them as they handle your project, while it protects your property too from unseen damages.

Hence, if the landscaping contractor suffers harm while working on your lawn, you can be sure that you will not be held liable.

“If the architects damage your property during the process, you will rest assured that his/ her liability insurance will cover these losses”, says Joseph Warrington from Orton Architects – an architect firm in Cape Town.


Renovations and Repair Works

There is much more to landscaping than a great designed lawn. Moreover, the design you choose today does not have to remain for years to come.

You will need to make changes to incorporate trending designs or features that will enhance the look and feel of your garden.

You can’t do some of these renovations unless you are a trained professional. For instance, when you want to add a swimming pool, water fountain, an irrigation scheme, low maintenance plants and other features, adding them without professional assistance can lead to poor results or high costs.

For such reasons, you need a professional to manage your projects. With an expert contractor, you can be sure to have functional features and those that will meet your expectations.

The above are the major reasons why you should consider hiring a professional landscape architect. You may look at hiring one of these experts as an expensive undertaking, but you will save much in the long run, unlike when you decide to landscape without professional guidance.

With experts, you will not incur additional costs to correct errors, while you will get high-quality supplies at cheaper costs. So, you can see that hiring one of these experts is a good option. Contact our team today!


Cost effective

Most landscape architects can obtain the necessary products and supplies at a discount rate, as they can buy in bulk at wholesale prices. They will pass some of these savings on to you. Your overall costs will therefore be significantly reduced.


Latest trends in landscaping

A professional will always keep up to date with the most modern trends in landscaping. He will be able to give you the benefits of the latest guidelines and ideas.


Increase value of your house

A professionally landscaped garden always adds a special appeal to a house, and the resale value of your home will certainly be increased if you ever plan to put it on the market.


Even though you might enjoy gardening, and would like to do it yourself, you might not have all the necessary skills of design, horticulture, installation of patios, tiling and all the other skills needed to transform your garden into the pleasant and vibrant space you see in your imagination.

A professional landscaping service will have all the skills, knowledge and experience needed to transform your garden according to your specifications.


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Thinking of Landscaping Your Garden Yourself

If your garden is on the small side, you love gardening, and you do have some of the needed skills and experience, you could possibly tackle your own landscaping.

What you don’t know already, could be learned from books, magazines or from the internet. You could also contract out some of the harder work, you can’t do yourself.

Another option involves obtaining a professional design for your garden from a professional, and then follow the design yourself. This way, you would have some of the benefits of hiring an architect.

Consequently, the best decision would be to hire a landscape architect to transform your garden, by using their experience, knowledge and skills, to make sure you obtain a perfect garden to enjoy.

Whether you decide to hire an expert or do the work yourself, you are still in charge of the final design of your own garden.

Your garden will be one you can be proud of, and use for your own relaxation and for entertaining your family and friends.


Roles & Responsibilities of a Landscape Architect

Every community requires a landscaping architect to help them transform their homes and public areas such as the parks. A professional architect performs various duties such as planning, managing the landscapes in rural, urban and suburb areas.

Their major responsibilities involve designing both natural, and man made environments. The transformation is not necessarily for private areas but rather for both private and public surroundings.

A well-trained architect is expected to utilize various skills such as creativity and technical expertise to be able to remodel an area that people can hang out and have their recreational activities such as picnic among others.


landscape architecture design


What Areas Can a Landscape Architect Recreate?

Some of the areas that can be transformed include the housing development, plazas, zoos, burial grounds, botanic gardens, commercial and the industrial buildings.

Apart from designing, the engineers are involved in various professionals whereby they work in collaboration with other professionals to complete different projects of different sizes.

These projects include planning estates, coming up with multiple layouts for different gardens and parks.

They also help in designing the sporting sites as well. Apart from the listed projects, the architect can also be involved in mining construction duties, motor ways development whereby they work with surveyors and environmentalists.

Therefore a landscaping can participate in undertaking another bevy of tasks which they can quickly fulfill by utilizing their skills.


Other Duties

The other tasks that these people can be assigned include:

  • Coming up with different concepts, policies and methods regarding landscaping designs of different lanes either locally, regional or national wise.
  • They can also be contracted to redesign and restore the historic sites of a in performing visual impact and assessing the environment to develop new designs to upgrade the existing policies and areas.
  • Help in coming up with ideas to implement, plan and monitor the procedures to be undertaken for developing procedures to protect public areas such as the parks.
  • They can also be involved in designing of the major projects such as the dams, wind farms, and the road to ensure safety and their sustainability.


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Major Roles of a Landscape Architect

One of their major roles is to ensure the safety and functionality of a given area and at the same time make sure it is done well.

This is achieved by conducting a comprehensive study of the soils, the drainage of the area, subsurface water and the climatic changes of the area. Other necessary details to keep in mind are the plants and flowers of the area.

The developers can also take part in the planning process whereby they take part in giving solutions for the problems experienced in the course of the project.

The problems may occur in the process of work and what is affecting the out come of the project as well. They should also give the necessary work specifications to the team, the schedules and the costs to be incurred too.

In other words, the landscape architect can take up the role of a manager when it comes to landscaping designs and when the project is big.

They also have to manage the team of employees involved in the project to make sure that all the work is done well to achieve the results.


Career in Landscape Architecture

If you are thinking of starting a new career as a landscaping architect you are going to need to attend a training program. With the proper training you will learn how to make a good living while being creative.

You will also be up and moving which is good for people that want a physical job. You do not need to worry about being stuck inside an office typing on a computer all day.

A landscape gardener will allow you to work outside and move around. You will be able to work outside all day and will not be stuck in an office. You can also work at different sites everyday for a change of scenery.

This job will allow you to spend a lot of time outside. You will get to be in the sun and get a nice tan while you are at work. You will help build up your muscle tone with this job as well.

Landscape architect training will allow you to get ahead in the field. You will have skill that is in high demand. There are many homes and businesses that have lawns or gardens. No matter where you move in the country you will have a job.

landscape architecture training

There are different ways in which you can become a landscape gardener. You have be your own boss and set up a small business. You can do free lance work on your own.

This will allow you to have a lot of freedom. You can work when you want and your job will go around your lifestyle. You can work for a business that is already established.

There are garden renovation services, garden centers, and other companies where landscaping services are needed. You can get paid to move lawns or work as a gardener.

You can design gardens for others and get paid to do so. You can also run your own business and have employees that work for you.

This is a field that is easy to join and you will have the chance to make a lot of money. You can ask your friends and family to refer clients to you. More than likely you will be able to find plenty of work.

When studying gardening you will learn many skills that can be used in other industries. You will learn a great deal about horticulture. You will also learn about irrigation and organic gardening.

You will learn what plants can be placed next to each other and how to keep them together. You will learn the exact spacing and placement that is needed for these plants to grow and thrive.

In addition to landscaping skills you will learn other skills as well. You will learn different areas of design aspects. You can use these skills in other fields such as interior design and other architecture works.

There are a diverse number of skills that you can pick up.  Read more about the various roles and responsibilities of a landscape architect. These skills can help you find a job that pays well and is rewarding at the same time.


How to Select a Landscape Architect

The question is how to select a landscape architect when there are so many out there to choose from? The answer is easier and harder than you may think. It will take a little effort on your part to find the right person, but when your primary goal is to have a perfect-looking landscape, it will be well worth the effort.


  1. Look at Past Work

Every good landscape architect will have a full portfolio which will include all of the work that they have done in the past.

Peruse the work that they have done to see if the design is something that agrees with the style that you are looking for. You may also want to ask if you can see how the specific areas look as at that time when you need the services.

This is because not all plants which are chosen by a designer will stand up to the climate of the areas they are being grown in.

It is important that you choose a planner who understands which plants will be able to survive in your area so that your landscape will look just as good in a year as it does as soon as the work is done.


  1. Years of Experience

As much as you may want to choose your architect and get down to business as quickly as you can, you still need to know how long they have been in the business.

Why is that necessary? Well, it’s good to know whether the individual has had the required experience, that will guarantee you of quality results once the expert commences the job.

You may as well want to know whether they have probably pursued a degree in landscape architecture, which is a plus for them and you equally.


  1. Consider your Needs

You will need to consider whether you are looking only to have a design made up or if you are looking for a company which will be able to do everything for you.

Many want the company that will be able to come up with the design and also install everything for them.This is because you do not have to find two different companies.

Also, the company which comes up with the design is already familiar with your property and will have a better shot at installing everything correctly the first time.


  1. Do your Research

One of the most important things to do when you hire any company to work for you is to research their past. Check reviews on Google as well as other online sources to find out if there have been any complaints against the company or individual architect.

This will allow you to choose a company which is well suited for your needs and will be able to deliver on the promises that they make to you.


  1. Ask for References

Do you have a friend, neighbor, or family member, whose landscaping design you just find outstanding? If that’s a possible case for you, consider asking the individuals who helped them to come up with such a design.

First, they will appreciate that you like the design, and second, they will be more than willing to help you out, since you have shown interest in such a design.

In conclusion, take your time, so that you can be guaranteed of quality results. Keep in mind that the project is a major one, which is why you don’t want to make any errors that might leave you unsatisfied and make you regret as to why you made rash decisions.


Licensed Landscaping Company in Sydney

NBG Landscapes is a licensed and professional landscaping company based in Sydney, NSW. Our landscapers have over a decade of experience in landscape design, construction and maintenance services in Sydney. Go to our homepage for more information on our landscaping jobs in Sydney.


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