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Aeration: Why, How & When to Aerate Your Lawn

If you want a gorgeous lawn with lush, green grass and a beautiful blooming garden there are a few things you need to do.

It is widely believed that all you need to do to keep a lawn healthy is to water it and remove the weeds but, there is another important step that needs to be done


Lawn Care Aeration

Lawn Care Aeration is when you use a lawn aerator to make holes in the ground. These holes make it so that the soil loosens up and lets water, air, and fertilizer pass through to the roots of the grass. It also breaks tangled roots so that there is room for new growth.

Lawn aerating is a method best used if and when your lawn develops drainage issues. Other uses for it are when the soil is too hard, or patches of grass will not grow. If you notice bald spots or lawn flooding, your best bet is that you need to aerate.

The good thing about this is that you do not need to do it too frequently for results. Doing so every other year is enough to keep your grass healthy with a good flow. Although, if your lawn is heavily trodden upon it is better to aerate it every year. Also, the best time to aerate is during Spring!


lawn aerator sandals


Best Tools for Lawn Aeration

There are several different tools that you can choose from when you aerate your lawn. If you want easy aeration then spiked sandals are for you. Spiked sandals strap onto your shoes. If you walk around your lawn wearing them you will create holes. Similarly, spiked rollers can be used. If your soil is compact, these two methods would prove ineffective.

For a tough lawn, it is better for you to buy or rent a core aerator. A core aerator is a machine that removes plugs or cores from the lawn. Be sure to seek professional help on what your lawn needs before embarking on this journey and see if the core aerator is right for you.


spiked roller for aerating lawn


Lawn aeration is a good way to allow smooth water flow without flooding, it gives your grass room to breathe, and allows your plants to grow full and healthy. If you have any questions, remember to seek lawn care professionals before you begin! Learn more here.