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5 Things To Remember While Buying Modern Planters

By June 12, 2016February 24th, 2021No Comments

modern indoor planters

Putting up welcome mats and welcome stickers on your home entry is somewhat of an old way of welcoming people to your home. If you agree and you wish to do something about it then we suggest you think of adding and installing modern planters Sydney landscape design project. They will make your home look more elegant, alluring and noticeable from a distance.


When you are out for shopping a bunch of modern planters, do remember the following points.


Long and Complementary: If you want people to notice your home and your pretty planters from a distance, be smart and go for taller options. Also, remember to match them with the exterior décor of your home so that they don’t look out of place. Measure the space where you want to keep the planters before shopping for them.


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Slim and Colourful: Make sure that you select the ones that are not too long and are slimly built. The planters should never overshadow the beauty of the entrance to your home. Also, remember that there are a lot of colour choices available; so choose the one that blends in not only with the exterior of your home but the interior of the room that leads the guests to the home through the entrance.


Less Maintenance: This is very obvious. When you are after modern planters, you don’t want to be watering them every day or take headaches about their growth. If you agree, then look for planters that have self-watering options as well as sub-irrigation systems that support root growth. Remembering these points would allow you to enhance the beauty of your entrance without wasting your time in taking care of them.


The Right Source: The final step is to buy them from the right source. A good source would be a place where you can get ample variety in size, design, style or colour. It would also be good if the source is credible and has good customer reviews. Be sure to buy modern planters that look durable and can remain to stand in all seasons. Buying them from a good source such as NBG Landscapes, would guarantee that.