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5 Vital Landscaping Elements Every Landscape Expert Must Know About

By June 7, 2016February 25th, 2021No Comments

Landscaping may seem like a complicated task to some but it’s really not. It’s an easy job if you are familiar with the basics and you know what you are doing every time. Every good or experienced landscaper knows that there is not a single thing that makes a garden stand out.

It’s the entire area. To ensure that you make the entire landscaped area look amazing, you must know about a few landscaping elements. Make use of virtual landscaping to visualise the plan. Remember that you can’t ignore any of these.

modern landscape design ideas

Create a Theme

The first element of landscaping design is unity and harmony. All the components that are used in a landscape design must go together. Any of the components like a tree should not look out of place at all.

Use your creativity to ensure that the colour combinations, bends and lines look well together. It’s always okay to have a bit of repetition or mass planting to ensure that the theme is perfectly followed.

Key Attraction

Though everyone wishes to have the entire landscaped area to be attractive, there must be something that’s counted as a focal point. It can be anything from a big tree to a pool or even an artificial waterfall.

It will help in catching people’s attention. It will also give direction to the bends and lines. It will even offer definition to every area of the landscape as well as the area as a whole.

Proportion Aspect

Proportion with regard to landscaping means the size of various components of the design with respect to each other, to the property, to the landscaped area as a whole and to the human elements.

The size of every component you add should blend in and not look odd. For instance, when you plant a Pine tree on the side of a small house, it will look weird. No element should be so huge that it overshadows the others.

Balance and Symmetry

Every aspect of landscaping depends heavily on balancing. No plants can be out of line, no plants should look inappropriate and the repetition of all the elements must have some variety. Instead, the design must use the shape, texture, line form and colour appropriately.

Simple is Attractive

The design must always be simple and uncomplicated. No one likes to have to decipher the landscape design to see its true beauty. Things must never be overdone.

One must always remember that simplicity always gets more praise than complex landscape designs.


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