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A Brief History Of Sydney

By June 5, 2016February 25th, 2021No Comments

old SydneyMany people, both natives, and visitors alike find Sydney to be a place of beauty filled with rich culture and history. It is no surprise that today, the city is one of the most populated in the country, and is also home to one of the world’s largest natural harbors as well.

NBG Landscapes is proud to have its base in Sydney. Our company has been serving the people of Sydney with lifestyle landscaping services for over 10 years. Now, with a population well over 4 million and counting, the city of Sydney is home to a multitude of cultural and economic diversities.

However, the city did not begin this way, as we are about to describe in the article. Let’s dive a little deeper into the history of the ever growing city, and see how the journey began.

The area that is today Sydney was first inhabited by the indigenous peoples of Australia who were often referred to as “Eoras” by early British settlers. By 1788, these British settlers had made their way to the continent of Australia on a journey known as the First Fleet.

The ships of this fleet were carrying convicts who were being transported as their punishment and subsequently established the first penal colony in the Sydney area. However, the idea of convict transportation ended abruptly during the 19th century, and so began the transformation of the city of Sydney when gold was discovered.

People from all over the world came to Sydney in search of gold, and after many years of ups and downs, including war and the Great Depression, the city slowly became what it is today.

Now, as we look to the city of Sydney today, we see a major center for individuals all over the world, a far stretch from what it once was. Whether you are seeking cultural or economic diversity, or even just a getaway to a faraway place for adventure and relaxation, there is so much that we can learn from Sydney’s vast history and all it has to offer and teach us.