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Why Adding Lime to Your Yard is a Great Idea

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Most of the people who are serious about gardening consider lawns to be a vital investment of their lives. If you are one of such people then you might be a person who is constantly looking for ways to better your garden and make it more worth your while.

If so, you should know about the many secrets of lime as this citrus fruit can do many wonderful things for your garden. Interested? Keep scrolling for more!


adding lime to your garden


The Common Problems

If you have been dealing with common garden care issues like yellow or pale grass or even dead patches in your lawn then you must have tried multiple solutions.

Some of the most common solutions people try are fertilizing or mowing at different heights, mulching, etc. If nothing of these strategies worked, you must have looked for common suspects like fungus or insects.

In case you couldn’t find them as well then you need to look beneath a surface or go underground to get real answers.


pH Balance

As a gardening enthusiast, you should know that just like your skin, the earth also needs balance so that it can look fresh, young and beautiful. The pH balance of the earth should be neutral if the grass is to grow lush and green.

If you suspect that the acidity of your lawn is not right, you can buy a kit to test the same. It will let you know whether you need to adjust the acidity or let it be.

add lime to soil

Usefulness of Lime

Adding lime to your lawn is an awesome idea as it can not only repair the damage of time and depleted nutrients but can also repair the damage of added nutrients which usually create a more acidic soil on your property.

If you are using lime for the first time then you need to consult the landscape services of a professional landscaper in Sydney or read the label of the testing kit to decide the proper amount of lime that you need to add to your landscaping to get the results you expect.

You should never suffer through dying or dead grass or have a lawn that’s patched or yellowed.

In case the soil is very acidic then you need to use about 18 kgs (or 40 pounds) of lime pallets for every thousand feet of garden you wish to improve.

The amount should be added at least 2-3 times a year. Consulting a landscaping expert or local supply store regarding the information relevant to your area is also advised because there is no set limit on the amount of lime you can use to preserve a garden.



The most crucial role played by lime in your garden is that it restores the beauty of your garden by filling it with lush green grass and awe-inspiring beauty that you always hoped for.

Just remember that excess of anything, even a good thing can be very bad and hence you should seek expert advice on how much lime to use in a garden.