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How to Change the pH Level of Soil?

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If you suspect that your plants are not growing the way they should then our landscape gardening Sydney team suggests that you should water them on a daily basis and ensure that they get enough sunlight.

In case you still think that the plants are drooping a bit or worse, they are dying out slowly then you should realize that the reason for it could be the soil. If you think this is the case then you should test the pH levels of the soil or get it tested somewhere, like a lab.


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In a case where the pH level of soil is not what it should be then you need to change it to meet your plants’ needs. This can be a tricky job as you will need to spend considerable time in doing so because changing the soil to its proper pH levels takes time.

It is also a good idea to remember what the ideal pH level of soil is for each type of plant. When you decide to change the pH levels of soil, you should not start doing it instantly. Instead, you should wait for fall or the beginning of spring to do it.


How to Increase the pH of soil – Change acidic soil into alkaline soil?

If you are after increasing the pH level of soil and making it more alkaline from acidic then you need to amend it with lime, a product that is easily available at a home or garden store. There are four major forms of soil: pulverized, granular, hydrated limestone and palletized.


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You can spread each of these by using a lawn seeder or a manure spreader. If you are going for hydrated limestone, it will give you results that are too quick and might be detrimental to plants.

Apart from lime, you can also increase the pH levels of soil by making use of wood ashes. It holds small quantities of nutrients and minerals like boron, phosphate and potassium.

If you want to change the soil’s pH in an effective manner then you should ensure that it is spread over the soil in winter and its amended into the soil during the spring season. You should never use large amount of wood ashes as it may cause the soil to lose nutrients.


How to decrease the pH of soil – Change alkaline soil into acidic soil?

If you want to change the pH of your soil immediately then you should use aluminium sulphate that instantly lowers the pH. Another option is to go for sulphur.

This is a more time taking option because it makes use of the natural bacteria of the soil to change pH values. Both these minerals would be easily available in a local garden store.

You should use both of them with care because if materials fall onto a plant directly, it may burn the leaves of the plants.

Other minerals which can help in changing the pH of soil are manures and compost. People choose it because they are easy to apply. But they are not good options because they take at least a few months to change the pH of soil.

Some of the plants that thrive in acidic soil are Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Blueberries, Hydrangeas, and different types of evergreens. plants that need alkaline soil are most of fruits and vegetables.