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Creating a Butterfly Garden is Easier Than You Think

By September 28, 2017February 8th, 2021No Comments

Every Sydney landscaping enthusiast hopes that beautiful butterflies flutter around his or her garden. If you are also hoping for the same then you need to know that creating a butterfly garden is far easier than you think, according to our landscape builder in Sydney.

By attracting butterflies to your garden, you will be doing these beautiful creatures a favour because they have lost so many areas to development that were once their natural habitats. When a butterfly enjoys your garden, you are playing a minor role in ensuring their survival.


butterfly in a garden


Let’s Begin

In order to create a beautiful butterfly garden, you need to ensure that you grow those types of plants that are loved by caterpillars because large butterflies depend on those. Any plant that contains nectar is a good choice.

If you want best results, you should choose flowers that bloom in late summer because this is when butterflies are abundant. Do not use pesticides in your garden because it can harm the butterflies.


Attracting Them All

If you are hoping to attract different varieties of butterflies, you should know that they are attracted to different types of plants, different colours and different flowers.

So, the solution should be to plant different types of nectar plants as it will bring different types of butterflies to your garden and you can enjoy the view whenever you want.

Always remember to choose nectar plants that grow well in your region because there is no point in buying plants that won’t flourish.


The Stages

If you want the butterflies to stay interested in your garden then you need to ensure that your garden appeals to all four stages of their life like laying eggs, the caterpillar, chrysalis and adult butterfly. Milkweed is a plant that you can choose to let them place their eggs on.

The caterpillars usually require plenty of rich leaves to eat when they emerge from the eggs. During the chrysalis stage, the soon to emerge butterfly will need a safe place so that it can hang its cocoon while the rest of the metamorphosis takes place.

So, they will seek a sheltered environment which has a camouflaged area that lets them hang from twigs while remaining unseen from predators.



The task of creating a beautiful butterfly garden with nectar-rich flowers and plants is an awesome way to attract many types of butterflies.

As long as you offer them the required food and shelter, they will continue to flourish in your garden through all stages of their lives.

As people of all ages enjoy looking at (or sometimes chasing) butterflies, you will always be pleased that you have them in your garden.


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