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How To Create Your Own Little Indoor Herb Garden

By September 14, 2017May 19th, 2020No Comments

Creating your own herb garden is so easy that you won’t even have thought that it could be this simple. It is also quite beneficial because when you have your own herb garden, you can have unlimited access to all the fresh herbs and use them while cooking.

Growing an herb garden is also very pocket-friendly because it saves the expense of purchasing the herbs over the internet or in the nearest grocery store.

Some of the herbs that are quite popular are thyme, parsley, basil, cilantro, oregano, dill, chives, sweet marjoram, garlic, sage, and mustard.


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Kit Helps

If you are just testing the idea of having your own herb garden then you should consider buying a kit. It will offer you the vital tools you need in order to get started. The plus point is that such kits can easily fit in a window sill.

The herbs can also start growing in just a few weeks and can be grown year-round. A good kit will contain seeds of most popular herbs and you have the power to decide which one do you want to grow.

You just need to add water to the kit to get the process started. You can buy a kit at a retail store near you or from an online store.


Small Plant Pots

In case you are interested in only growing a few key types of herbs then you can use small plant pots that will fit on your window sill. You can choose to grow one type of herb in each pot.

As many herbs look similar, you should add a tag to each plant pot. A tag usually comes with each herb. To prevent aeration, you need to add a few stones and bark to it. It is also essential to choose a loose soil with lots of nutrients in order to fill the pot.

Placing the herbs around 1-inch deep into the soil is also recommended. You should also keep them watered and ensure that they get enough sunlight because they can’t grow without them.


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Harvesting Process

When the herbs are ready to harvest, you should learn about how to dry and store them properly. You should always wash the herbs with the leaves still on the stems and make use of cold water to get rid of soil and dust. To dry the herbs, you need to place them on paper towels in the sun.

After they have completely dried, you should remove the blossoms. Remember that if herbs don’t dry completely, they can grow mold so don’t haste in removing the blossoms.



If you want to enjoy the herbs long after harvesting them then you can opt for freezing them. The process of freezing begins with washing the herbs in hot boiling water for one minute and packing them into freezer bags.

After packing, quickly store the freezer bags into the back of your freezer as the temperature would be coldest there.



All in all, it can be said that harvesting your own herbs is an awesome method of saving money and ensuring that you have quality herbs that can be used while cooking.

The process of growing them is not complicated at all and it can be fun for people who like to grow their own. If you still have questions, do some more internet research or buy a good book on this topic.

Please don’t try to guess the steps that you don’t understand as you might end up ruining the entire experience as well as the herbs.

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