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8 Gardening Tools that are Needed by Every Gardener in Sydney

By September 17, 2017February 9th, 2021No Comments

If you want to keep your garden beautiful looking and in tip-top condition then you don’ need to do the entire work alone. You can take the help of must-have tools that will make the task easier for effective landscaping and prevent you from damaging the plants that you already have.


gardening tools and equipment


  1. Tiller

You need a small tiller for breaking up the ground for proper penetration of water, aeration and weed control.

Ground penetration for watering is vital for oxygen and fertilization. This tool will also help you to prepare the soil for spring planting season if you plan on planting annuals.


  1. Trowel

Another tool that will be quite handy is a small trowel because it can be used to dig the holes to plant annuals or for digging up weeds in the areas where bigger tools can’t reach.

In case you need to transplant some of the plants then also this tool will help you to dig up small plants with minimal stalk and root damage.


  1. Pruning Tool

You also need to have a pruning tool that would help you to trim branches and stems so that your plants always have a nice looking form.

It can also be used to get rid of drying or dead branches. Many plants can also have a fibrous or woody inner core so you should use a pruning tool as it will cause minimal damage to the plants.


  1. Weeding Tool

Nobody likes to have weeds in his or her garden. If you don’t like it too then buying a weeding tool will help you save a lot of time while weeding. There are different types of weeding tools available in the market and you can choose the one you like best.

Some of the tools worth considering are handheld tine rakes and motorized tillers. The type of a tool should be selected on the basis of the garden and landscaping area.


  1. Spade

Another essential tool in your garden is a spade which is also known as a garden shovel. This tool would come in handy for digging up larger areas of ground, prying the soil, working the soil and loosening it. You can also use this tool for edging a garden bed or for compacting the soil.


  1. Sprayer

If you want to water the hard to reach areas then you will need to buy sprayers that come in different shapes and sizes. This tool will also be beneficial for spraying insecticides and fertilize plants as well as other areas of your landscape.

The size and capacity of the sprayer tool you need will depend on the are you need to work with. If you opt for a sprayer that’s too small then you will need to refill it regularly.

In contrast, if you select a large sprayer, you may not be able to get it to reach the delicate areas without damaging any landscape features of plants.


  1. Cultivator

A three-prong cultivator is another tool that you will need. It will help you to break up the ground and keep the soil loose. This tool will also help you to control weeds that are in the more open areas.

While doing so, you need to be cautious because it may damage the extended roots of the plants and trees if you are not careful enough.


  1. Spring Brace Rake

This tool will help you to keep the landscape areas free of dead leaves and debris. You can also use it to even out the ground areas around plants.



Though there are many other tools that can make your gardening experience better and enjoyable, these are the most common tools that can be enough if you use them right.

These tools are also highly preferred because they are cost-effective. They are also very easy to use and help you achieve a garden that looks nothing short of a professional landscape.

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