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The Best Cafes in Bondi

A meal in the morning is the most significant because running in the morning and surfing not forgetting attending yoga sessions are the normal regular activities that go on in the residential areas. A substantial and healthy breakfast helps to carry on with the events smoothly.

Lunch and dinner are less important compared to morning meals that make you significantly full. Sydney has cafes that provide the best morning food, so we woke up as the sun was rising to get ourselves the best.


coffee in a cafe at bondi beach


  1. Harry’s Bondi

Order the House Smoked Salmon

There is a brilliant café where in North Bondi you can get a simple heavy and nutritious fish breakfast. The incredible thing about the restaurant is the manner in which they blend salmon in toast and mix with other ingredients, and the result is a tantalizing meal for good day start.

The mixture includes smoked pinky fish topped with yogurt, pepper, lemon juice, bitter leaves and cherry tomatoes. The combination is a nutritious meal that could take you through a busy day.


  1. Earth Food Store

Order the EFS Omelet

The EFS omelet is a combination of two excellent meals. They have the taste of Kylie Kwong’s pancakes which is located at the Carriageworks markets and the Vietnamese spring pancake.

The omelet attains the perfect flavor due to the inclusion of several ingredients. They include snow peas, mushrooms, fresh bean shoots, sesame dressings and red capsicum.

The manner that the omelet is folded around the mentioned ingredients gives it the look of a taco since the egg itself is golden in color due to the effect of turmeric and coconut.


  1. Vida Surf Store

Order the Poke Bowl

Vida Surf store is one of the best places in Bondi to purchase all the requirements you need for safe and fun surfing. This an ultimatum store for surfing lovers. There is no single surfing equipment and other additional material that is unavailable at the shop.

Apart from selling surfing equipment such as hand planes and surfboards, the store also contains skin protecting materials such as sunscreen and smoothies for hydration not forgetting poke which is a trending healthy eating habit.

Vida surf is the perfect shop for buying the best cooked raw salmon. The ingredients make the taste more natural and sweet therefore one cannot feel the annoying taste of fresh fish.

Raw salmon is prepared using red cabbage, red and green onions, seaweed salad and bright green soybeans thus attaining perfect thickness.


  1. The Nine

Order the “South Side” Smashed Avo

The south side smashed avocado is merely an avocado that is seasoned with seaweed that is collected at Bondi seashore. Avocados do not seem all delicious, but The Nine is the store to visit in your wishes to try an avocado with an incredible taste.

The ingredients used for preparation, that is, tahini, two different sesame, light fennel shavings and salty feta crumbles give the avocado a unique flavor.


  1. Porch and Parlour

Order the Woodsman

Porch and Parlour cannot be left out regarding the best meal cafes in Bondi. A unique meal known as Woodsman that is made of polenta cake, boiled eggs, fried mushrooms, and goats curd would surely take your breath away.

Aside from that, the café prepares a unique food called Bloody Mary, a mixture of pickles, cucumber, celery, tomatoes and lemon juice which is a perfect starter for a day full of activities.


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