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A Guide to Cafes in Mosman

Over the last few weeks, we have wandered the streets of Mosman trying to find the best places to grab a cup of Joe. That’s right; we’re rating the finest coffee shops in the area. So, you might want to take notes if you can’t get enough of the hot stuff.

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There are more than fifty cafes in Mosman. It means there’s a huge amount of variety and over thirty five different brands of coffee.


Our aim is not to critique these shops. We want to identify their best features and help you decide which ones to try first.


We really have visited every single coffee shop and café in Mosman. We’ve sat down, relaxed, and enjoyed a brew in each one. So, we think we’re pretty well qualified to review their standout features.


You’ll also find plenty of photos on our website. We’re going to try and make the reviews as entertaining and evocative as possible, but it’s still important to take a peek inside. Our galleries will help you to do this.


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Finally, we just want to reiterate that there won’t be any negativity here. We’re just two Mosman locals, who adore coffee and want to share our adventure with you. There is no rating system because we’re not interested in pitting businesses against one another.


The purpose of this site is to help you, our fellow coffee fanatics, get the most out of a thriving, exhilarating local scene.


Though we’re not using a rating system, there are certain factors that we’ll consider when writing up our opinions. They are outlined in the next section.


Ambience and Interior Layout


Mood is a big deal when it comes to coffee shops. In fact, it can be a make or break conditions for some people. So, we’re thinking about how each café or shop feels. We’re going to describe its general vibe and whom it might suit the most.


Quality of the Coffee


This is a pretty big category. We’re considering not just the outright quality of the coffee itself, but how many varieties are on offer and the way it is made. For instance, do the baristas decorate cups with cool coffee art? Are there any syrups or other extras available?


Word of Mouth Feedback


We’re also thinking about how much of a buzz a particular coffee shop or café might have. Many of the cafes in Mosman already have a loyal following, and you might have heard of them through friends, family, and work colleagues. This is a sign of a really great business, so we want to make it clear if a café has lots of devoted fans.


Over the course of our journey, we’ll be taking lots of different features and characteristics into account. However, the three listed here are the most important, in our opinion.


We can’t wait to get started. Are you ready?



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