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A Guide to the Suburb of Mosman in Sydney

There is a lot to do and see in the town of Mosman, Sydney. This town is a great place to live. There are many residential neighborhoods that offer a quiet and happy life. Mosman has a number of beaches, restaurants, and there is plenty to see and do. This town is great for a person that enjoys water sports including diving, snorkeling, and swimming.

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For people that are looking to live in Mosman they can expect quiet living and plenty of job opportunities. This town is 8 kilometers north east of the main business district in Sydney. There is also plenty of local government jobs and jobs in the administrative centre.

This town was named after founder Archibald Mosman and his brother George. The twins moved to this area back in 1831. They founded a whaling station on the bay and brought industry to this town.

For those that like to get out and do things Mosman is home to the Taronga Zoo. This zoo has over 4,000 animals included those that are endangered. It provides them a safe home and allows people to learn more information about them. This zoo is award winning and is great for both locals and tourists.

Another great place for residential to spend a relaxing day is Balmoral Beach. This beach has white sand and crystal clear blue water. It is enclosed by a harbor bath. This is a great place to spend a relaxing day and enjoy the ocean.


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There are some notable landmarks in this area as well. In addition to Balmoral Beach, Cobblers Beach , and Obelisk Beach are also well known places. Rawson Park overlooks the harbous and there is even a tribute to the Scottish ancestry of the area here. There are a number of historic sites located here.

The residential area in this town has a number of modern townhomes as well as apartments. The homes in this area were built during the 1800s and they are well maintained and still taken care of today. This area has incomes over the national average and rent is usually on the high side.

The average mortgage payment is around $3,000 a month while the average in Australia is around $1,755. People in this area purchase the homes for their beauty and their spaciousness. There are a number of great public schools in this area where children receive a quality education.

This area is home to a number of families with children as well as retirees that are looking to enjoy life. There are also single professionals that want a nice area to live that is close by their place of employment. Both the families and the single people often love the beaches. The beaches are very close and make a great place to spend free time.

Mosman, Sydney is a great place to live. This town is right on the beach and close to a number of employment centers. While the costs of living may be a little higher the job opportunities pay enough where a family can afford to live comfortably.

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