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Learn to Surf in Sydney

When people think about surfing or learning the sport they often think of a place close to the beach. Sydney is usually not associated with surfing. This city is located within easy access to many beaches. The ocean is gentle and you can work your way to bigger waves. If you are planning on visiting Sydney this summer it is the perfect time to learn how to surf.

surfing in Sydney

7 Mile Beach is the best place to learn how to surf

Surfing can be unpredictable. You cannot control the ocean. You need to find a beach where the water conditions are consistent. Seven Mile Beach has conditions and waves just the right size for beginners. This beach has a lot of wildlife to check out and there are some cool fossils to see. In addition to surfing a person can spend some time checking out the beach.


Beaches are Patrolled

Sydney is a very busy city. The beaches are heavily patrolled. For surfing beginners this is great. This will help keep you safe. There are more life guards watching the waters to make sure that all the swimmers, surfers, and people playing other water sports are safe at all time.


Surfing Packages

Since this area is heavily populated there is a lot of competition when a person is looking to sign up with a school to learn how to surf. The prices are lower in this city then the rest of the country. You can pay $1,650 for a surfing camp that last 140 days. You can also get surfing lessons for around $100 a day. This is a great price.



Not only is Sydney a great place to learn how to surf it will help save some money. The activities in the city are cheaper due to the competition. Surfing is much less expensive then taking the tour of the Harbour Bridge or going to the Opera House. It is even less expensive than going out to a gourmet restaurant.


Visiting Sydney

There is no better place to surf in Australia then in Sydney. There are a number of hotels in this area , some great pubs, parties, many activities, and some of the best beaches. This is the place to be when visiting Australia. If you are looking to learn how to surf there is no better place to try than the beaches of Sydney.


Easy Access to Sports

Once you get your confidence up when surfing you will want to check out some other beaches. There are some great beaches in Sydney for those that like rougher waves. Port Macquarie and Tathra are some great choices. You can take a bus to these beaches and there are a number of great surf sports to play.

Sydney is a top destination for those that like to backpack. There are many quality and inexpensive hotels for backpacks in this area. Sydney has some great foods and there is great entertainment after dark. When looking for something to do when visiting Sydney surfing should be a top choice.


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