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Making Your Backyard a Natural Sanctuary is Easier Than You Think

By April 16, 2018February 8th, 2021No Comments

If you are a person who wants to add beauty and charm to your garden by doing something extraordinary then you must consider taking a few steps to attract beautiful butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds to your garden.

They will not only add beauty to your garden but will also offer you a picturesque view that you can hardly find anywhere else. Here’s how to make your garden a natural sanctuary.


Add Bird Baths

Bird Baths for Beautiful Backyards

If you want to help the animals in the hot summer months then you should get a bird bath for them. It’s not an easy decision because you will need to change the water of a bird bath at regular intervals, even multiple times a day.

Still water will usually attract mosquitoes. If you can’t recycle the water manually on a daily basis then get a pump that will do it for you.


Use Pollinator Friendly Flowers

When you are going to plant your garden, you should realize that you shouldn’t just add the fancy blooms. Instead, you should add in flowers that attract pollinators.

Some flowers that attract bees and butterflies are dahlias, bee balm, clematis, foxgloves, and hyacinth.  To attract hummingbirds, you should consider adding some red coloured blooms.


Try a Hummingbird Feeder

A sure shot way of drawing hummingbirds is to add a hanging hummingbird feeder which has sugar water. Once they find it, they will be compelled to return frequently.

You can also use red feeder as this colour especially attracts them. If you don’t want the small animals to knock the feeder down for the sugar, you should hand it from a low overhanging bough or from the eaves of your home.


Utilize Local Plants

Planting Local Plants in Backyards


If you want to attract the local wildlife then you focus should be on adding as many local plants as you can. Concentrate on adding plants that grow in the area, not just the ornamental ones.

These plants would be more resistant to diseases and would thrive even when the weather is not favourable.


If you want to ensure that you have your own natural sanctuary in your backyard then you need to find the key things that attract the birds, butterflies, and bees.

After that, you just need to maintain them to ensure that they keep coming back rather than seeking anew sanctuary because you failed to take care of yours. It’s easier than you think and quite enjoyable when you get a hang of it.


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