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Sydney Gift Fair

Australia has a number of large trade fairs each year. These fairs cover a number of industries and professions.

One of the most anticipated trade fairs is the bi annual Reed Gift Fair and the GHA Home and Giving Fair. They are located in Melbourne and Sydney and are the largest fairs for wholesale sellers as well as retail buyers.

AGHA Sydney Gift Fair


The Reed Gift Fair as well as the GHA Gift Fair are located in Sydney during the month of February. These fairs are must visitors for shop owners and others that want to find some gift products.

The February Sydney Gift trade show is held at the same time as the Reed Gift Fair. These events feature a number of retailers, wholesalers, and distributors. The Reed Gift Fair is held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre at the Darling Harbour.

The GHA Home and Giving Fair is also held at this Harbour but there is also a location held at the Homebush. The GHA offers a free ferry ride as well as bus service for those looking to attend the fair.

The GHA Gift Fair and the Reed Fair in Sydney are great for those in the retail business. They can learn about the latest products and trends.

There are representative from suppliers located in Australia as well as those located internationally.

This is great for businesses that want to stay ahead of the competition. Those that attend these fairs can find inspiration and ideas from experts and industry insiders.

There are a number of different suppliers that are featured at the GHA Home and Giving Fair as well as the Reed Gift Fair. Some of these suppliers include those in kitchenware, home decorations, gifts, jewelry, furniture, clothing, electronic goods, fashion, books, and foods. There are items from domestic and international supply companies.

These fairs also have the latest in crafts including woodworking, ceramics, clocks, furniture, and other home accessories.

Many of these items are made right in Australia. There are a number of collectable times, items for men, aromatherapy, leather, party goods, and even religious items.

If you are attending either of these fairs for the first time be sure to dress comfortable. Comfortable shoes are needed since there is a lot of working. Be sure to book accommodations early including if your are planning on dining out.

The city is busy at this time and things fill up quickly. The closer you are to the convention center the busier thins will be.

There are a number of places to eat close by the GHA and Reed Gift Fairs. There are also vendors that sell hot foods and drinks.

If you are serious about making purchases and are looking for new designs you should attend these fairs at least once a year. The GHA Home and Giving Fair and the Reed Gift Fair in Sydney are held twice a year.

They are also held twice a year in Melbourne. The Sydney fair runs in the month of February and the fairs in Melbourne occur during the month of August. You can go here to get information on Sydney accommodation while you are here.

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