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15 DIY Landscaping Ideas for Decorating a Small Backyard in Sydney

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A backyard garden is a haven for many homeowners. It’s where you go to unwind after a long day at work or over the weekend. It’s where you entertain your family and guests. The backyard is also ideal for spending some quality time alone. Regardless of what you do with your garden, you definitely want it to be a place worth visiting.

small backyard landscaping ideas

Unfortunately, if your landscape is small, you might be unable to implement some landscaping ideas. Luckily, it’s still possible to create an attractive landscape out of a small backyard, according to our Sydney landscaping pros. There are many ways of adding space to a small backyard. You can also design it to create an illusion of a larger space. There are several things to think about when decorating small landscapes.

small diy garden ideas on a budget


For instance, the way you position patio furniture and garden mirrors in your backyard will determine the amount of space you’ll save and how decorative your garden will look. It’s possible to make the backyard look and feel larger and get to enjoy breathtaking water features and all kinds of structures and furniture.

Whether you want some ideas on adding flower gardens in a small outdoor space or you want to learn more about DIY projects that’ll make a small landscape look more stylish, you’ll find many useful ideas in this guide.From planters that glow at night for an illusion of a bigger space to a foldable picnic table, you can design your backyard to make it look larger and better.

Here are 15 DIY ideas for decorating a small backyard:


  1. Budget Deck

You can design and build a gorgeous deck with a tight budget. It needs to be small-sized to fit in a small backyard. Determine the available space and the furniture you want to include when designing a deck for your backyard.

deck ideas for a small backyard


A deck can assist in splitting the backyard to make it look larger. Besides, building a simple patio is a straightforward DIY project.


  1. Backyard Waterfall and Pond

Regardless of how small your backyard might be, it’s still possible to add a breathtaking waterfall and pond. These water features are inexpensive, especially when you use a simple design. They take little space and are easy to build.

small backyard waterfall and pond ideas


Adding simple water features to your small space will make it appear larger. Besides, the sound made by trickling water will make you feel relaxed. Moreover, water features make an outdoor living space look lovelier.


  1. Mirrored Lawn Balls

Lawn balls, also known as garden balls or gazing globes, are ideal for adding a decorative mirrored effect to the yard. Their mirrored effect will make the space look bigger. You can easily make gazing balls for your yard.

mirrored garden balls


Just get some bowling balls from a local secondhand store and make mirrored lawn balls out of them. It’s easy to make DIY mirrored lawn balls to give your small yard an illusion of a larger space.


  1. Glowing Planters

Light is a great element for making a small yard feel and look more spacious. You can make DIY planters that will glow at night to add light. They’re especially useful for a landscape that lacks enough space for planting flowers.


  1. Rope Swing

In case you have kids and you lack enough space in your backyard for installing traditional swings, you can make a simple rope swing.

little girl swinging on a rope swing


The swing will leave enough space for other features and allow your kids to play. If you have a tree, hang the rope from it to save on space.


  1. Foldable Picnic Table

It can be extremely wonderful to add a beautiful picnic table in the outdoor space for enjoyable moments during warmer months. In case you lack enough space to add the table, you can design a foldable one to fit in the small space.

foldable picnic table for your backyard


A foldable table is convertible such that you can fold it when not in use and unfold it whenever you want to use it. A foldable picnic table can fit an entire family. It’ll make it possible to enjoy having outdoor dinners during summer and spring regardless of how small the space might be.

  1. Flagstone Patio

You can make your yard look larger by adding a patio. You can build a flagstone patio in a small yard to create separation between the backyard space and the patio space, thereby giving your yard an illusion of a larger space.

flagstone patio for your backyard


It’s possible to make a small patio for a small yard. Just ensure the patio is large enough for the patio furniture you want to include. Adding a patio in your backyard will create a space for gazing over your yard when relaxing.


  1. Pebble Mosaics

Make your yard look more interesting by adding attractive design elements. For instance, you can use pebble mosaics to build a small pathway through the backyard.

diy pebble mosaic


You can also use mosaic pebbles as accents in your garden or yard. Moreover, pebble mosaics are easy to work with. DIY projects involving mosaics can give your backyard an incredible look. They’re a great choice for anyone working with a tight budget.


  1. Small Backyard Swimming Pool

It’s possible to build a small swimming pool in a backyard with limited space. You can repurpose an idle livestock tank to make a swimming pool out of it. If you don’t have one, check with local farmers for a cheap offer.

kid playing in a stock tank pool in his backyard


You can also buy one from a local farm store. Building a swimming pool is a simple DIY project. After all, your family will enjoy swimming in the pool during warm months.


  1. Fenced Patio

In case your backyard is tiny, fence it to make a patio out of it. Designate small areas for gardening and leave the remaining space for the patio.

fenced patio for your yard


You can create a flagstone or brick patio in a small-sized backyard. Also, you won’t have anything to mow such that your backyard won’t require a lot of maintenance. A fenced patio will maximize the little available space and provide you with a wonderful space to relax while enjoying some fresh air.


  1. Updated Patio Flooring

Another great idea for making a small yard look bigger is updating the patio flooring. For instance, you can paint the patio with contrasting colors to give it an illusion of a larger space.

The colors should contrast with the lawn to separate the patio space form the lawn space. The separation will also make the yard look more spacious.


  1. Optical Garden Mirrors

You can create more space in your yard by creating an illusion of a larger space. You can make optical garden mirrors to create more space. These mirrors resemble windows that typically open up to reveal more space in the yard in the form of an illusion.


By looking at the mirrors, you’ll think the yard is larger but it’s just an illusion created by the mirrors. The mirrors can be hanged on the fence. That way, they’ll make the lawn look continuous yet it just ends at the fence. Besides, these mirrors are decorative and you can easily make them for both the outdoors and indoors.


  1. Tree Bench

You can add extra outdoor seating in your yard without taking a lot of space by using a tree bench. You can make the bench by yourself under a shady tree.

bench around a tree in the backyard


The bench will add a decorative element while allowing for extra seating space. The best location for the bench is around a shady, mature tree. If you want to have the bench built around a young tree, ensure it is large enough to allow it to continue growing.


  1. Repurposing Tree Stumps as Planters

In case your yard lacks enough space for a decorative flower garden, you can repurpose tree stumps and use them as planters. The planters will brighten a small yard space.

diy tree stump planters


Use tree stumps as planters for planting favorite succulents or flowers to add beauty to the yard without taking much space. After all, removing tree stumps is extremely laborious. Thus, repurpose them as planters.


  1. Repurposing a Crib Mattress to Make a Porch Swing

In case your backyard lacks enough seating space, you can repurpose an idle crib mattress to make a porch swing out of it. Such a DIY project will save you much space.

diy crib mattress porch swing


Rather than adding large outdoor furniture that will take much space, a porch swing and few chairs will create sufficient seating space for several people. Besides, it’s easy to make a porch swing with a crib mattress.


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