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Landscaping Ideas for Your Garden Path and Walkways in Sydney

By April 29, 2020August 29th, 2020No Comments

You can enhance the look of your garden and give it a better footing by integrating one of these walkways and garden path landscaping ideas.

zen garden path using grantite


Zen Finesse

Give your front yard a perfect look by adding an understated walkway. Such a walkway will look like an extra accessory to the modern lines of your home. You can divide the yard and path by using a retaining wall.

You can add interest by filling the spaces between pavers with gray river rocks. Flagstone pavers can be irregularly placed to create a path leading to the front door from a preferred side of your house.

Visual texture can be added by using full-grown Japanese maples to create a canopy over a path. If you want a contemporary design, plant ornamental grasses for an unfussy and green deep shape.


japanese garden design with wood walkway



Charming Curves

Blooms and scents are ideal for making a planted walkway look more appealing. Walkways with a curved design can offer more visual appeal than straight paths.

A curved walkway will also accent the surrounding garden. The style and colour of materials used to make a path are easily complimented with a beautifully made stone bench.

You can create more mystery by concealing the things that exist on other sides of a path, especially where a path bends, by planting tall Daylilies. You can enjoy delicious treats by planting a fruit tree near the path.


Following the Road

You can stroll along a path ending at a quiet spot for relaxing and reading. If you want more visual appeal on a walkway, then set pavers in a slightly varying pattern. For instance, nestle the walkway bricks vertically and position edging bricks horizontally.


beautiful garden walkway landscaping ideas



Large pavers are ideal for marking where a path ends, especially when the path leads to a restful chair and pergola. If you want to soften a walkway and play with the mute brick colour, then plant deep pink, purple, and yellow flowers in a cascading pattern along the walkway. Container gardens placed where the path ends would assist in creating the feeling of having a destination.


Overhead and Ground Elements

You can have a path with overhead elements and elements near the ground to create some form of discovery. Draw attention forward by installing two metal arbors with a streamlined finish over a path. Set pavers in a decorative geometric pattern to create more visual interest.

Gray planters placed along a path with sufficient spacing between them can offer balanced stopping points along a path. Also, planting trees near the path will add a form of outdoor ceiling once they grow tall. A colour scheme such as shades of white and green are ideal for highlighting a simple walkway.


A Gate to the Garden

A path leading to a garden would be extremely welcoming. Also, an expansive garden gate and latticework fence would create an opening that will lead visitors to the garden.

Planting creeping thyme to fill spaces between pavers would add wonderful fragrance whenever you step on the leaves.

Irregularly sized and spaced flagstones can boost the nonchalant nature of a garden. Additionally, a large and carefully placed urn can offer visual relaxation from a densely planted landscape. You can add colour and fragrance by planting a large Ceanothus (California lilac) next to a path.


Designing a Walkway as a Destination

A rustic and streamlined path surrounded by attractive blooms can offer quiet beauty. Gravel can offer a casual path beneath your feet. Stone pavers can act as a form of edging that keeps loose gravel within the boundaries of a path.

Plants that spill over the edges of a walkway would add a lush and established feeling to the garden. Tall plants can open up to ground covers and short blooms. Additionally, you can mark where a walkway ends by placing a huge pot. The pot will also work as a key focal point.


gravel walkway design ideas



Classic Landscaping Options

A path alongside a flowerbed would look amazing. Understated lights can accent a classic herringbone pattern of a path. Irregular-sized and stacked stone pieces can create a casual border between a path and the flowerbed.

Create some form of coziness and privacy by planting a tree on one side of the walkway and another tree on the opposite side such that they’ll grow into an unobtrusive structure along the path.

Tall latticework close to the end of a path can add more privacy to your front yard. Add plenty of texture and colour by planting stout perennials such as Coneflowers and Hostas.


modern garden design with wooden pattern floor and black pathway ideas



Contemporary Style

Planting choices and restrained materials create a streamlined path by complementing each other. Such a minimalist design is ideal for a pathway that extends to plantings. Mark the section where the path transits to the doorway by stacking limestone columns in pairs.

Placing large pavers at regular intervals and filling gaps between the pavers with crushed rocks can create a modern style. Metal edging would be ideal for separating the path from the bed and preventing crushed rocks from intermingling with mulch. Add some drama and echo the path with a creek bed.


Splendors of Grass

A landscape can have distinctive and surprising elements by creating a path with unexpected materials. Rather than using hard materials, create a path through the yard with grass. Use mulch to edge the path and give the beds a tidier appearance. Add a bench to allow garden visitors have a resting point.

Different plants are ideal for adding green shades and a mixture of textures. Add visual appeal by creating slight bends along the path. However, ensure the bends are gentle to make mowing easier.


curved stone walkway leading to front door



Phenomenal Path

A walkway leading to the front door can be distinguished by creating a dramatic design. Add a unique contrast in texture and colour by using both brick and slate to make the path. Planting grass between the over scale pavers will add a form of visual break.

Create a clear transition from your front yard to the front entry door by adding boxwood shrubs. Boxwoods in urns would create a focal point when placed near the front door. You can set a path on a sloppy landscape by breaking up a walkway into several separate segments.


Hire a Professional Sydney Landscaping Company

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