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17 Great DIY Landscaping Ideas on a Tight Budget

By December 9, 2017February 8th, 2021No Comments

Every homeowner desires to have the best design and décor for their landscape, but it is often quite expensive. Luckily, there are many ideas and affordable DIY tips offered by landscape contractors in Sydney.

Here are some of these tips and how you can adapt them in your garden.

  1. Landscaping With Painted Stones

In case your backyard has many stones, you can brighten them up inexpensively by painting them. Just use your imaginations and creativity when painting the stones.

painted rocks and stones - creative diy landscaping ideas

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For example, you may use one color to paint the rocks and a different color to draw lines, spots, circles, names, or whatever you want. Then place the painted stones strategically around the garden. They will surely brighten up your backyard.

  1. Paint That Glows In Darkness

Another useful yet inexpensive idea for landscaping is using a paint that glows in darkness. Such paints are quite affordable. You can also use them to paint planters.

glow in the dark painted logs for garden

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They will create instant lighting during the night. This will be a great way of brightening up your backyard at night.

You can also paint furniture items to make them glow at night. For instance, you can paint the backyard swing chair with a glowing paint.

  1. A Tree Chandelier

In case you desire to set up a chandelier at your backyard but there is no power supply there, then try another alternative. For instance, you can take the older one you are no longer using and switch the bulbs with inexpensive solar lights.

cheap tree chandelier with solar lights

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This way, you’ll still get light at your background from the chandelier without paying extra electricity bills. Ensure you place the chandelier somewhere nice at the backyard. You may also consult with a professional landscape lighting expert to get more information. Some of them offer one free consultation.

  1. Use Some Mirrors

Another inexpensive DIY landscaping suggestion is using mirrors. Although they are not easy to set up outdoors, you can still take advantage of them.

You can simply reuse an older mirror at your backyard after redecorating it. Also use old frames for setting the mirrors.

mirror used in backyard

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Set the window frames on the fence to make the garden look bigger due to the illusion effect created by mirrors.

However, ensure they are well protected from strong winds and hail storms. You can take them indoors during the onset of strong winds and hailstorms and take them back outdoors later.

  1. Mirrored Landscape Ornaments

Fancy mirrored landscape ornaments are often expensive, depending on where you source them. Luckily, you can easily make these ornaments rather than buying ready-made ones.

cheap hand made mirrored landscape ornaments

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You will only need to purchase some orbs and a glass-looking spray paint. Ensure you buy different sized orbs. Then paint the orbs and allow for them to dry.

That’s it. You have just made some mirrored ornaments with minimum effort and without spending a lot on them.


  1. Making a Swinging Chair

In case you want your kids or grandchildren to have a swing chair at the backyard, simply use an older chair to make it rather than buying a new swing chair. Cut off the legs of the old chair.

Then paint it using an attractive color. Kids tend to love flashy colors such as red, bright green, and yellow. Once the paint dries completely, place two wood planks under it for safety.

diy couloured swinging chair ideas

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Then tie some ropes on either side of the wooden planks. Once done, hang the chair somewhere at the backyard.

However, remember to consider the entire weight it can carry for safety. Ensure it is strong enough for use by your children depending on their weight and age.

  1. A Skateboard Swing

An easier DIY idea for your landscape than the swing chair is making a skateboard swing. If you’ve a skateboard that you no longer use, simply remove its wheels.

child swinging on skateboard swing

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Then make four holes on the plank. Use a strong rope and put it through the four holes. Then swing the prank from a strong branch.

Just like in the case of a swinging chair, ensure the skateboard swing can carry the entire weight of a child who will be using it.

  1. A Pallet Swing

In case you’ve several kids and you desire to get them a swing that they can all use, then consider making a pallet swing. You will need a really strong rope to hang the pallet and support the kids’ weight.

pallent swing ideas for backyard

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You can as well use a strong rubber or plastic string. Adults can also use this swing. Just ensure the rope is strong enough and you hang the pallet on a very strong tree branch.

  1. A Rock-Climbing Backyard Wall

You can set up a wall in your garden to work as a distraction while adding more privacy. Moreover, such a wall is not very expensive. You can simply buy ply boards and wall grips for fixing the board from your local store.

rock climbing wall in backyard

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Paint the play board in a decorative color. Then attach it your fence or wherever you desire such as at one side of the house. Cock any holes using silicone to prevent the ply wood from rotting.

  1. A Rinsing Place

Most homeowners build a rinsing by making a cement structure. This is obviously expensive and not everyone can afford using cement to build a rinsing place.

rinse area in the garden

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A practical yet inexpensive idea would be using flat stones and waterproof frame to construct the rinsing place. You can get the wood frame from old furniture but ensure it is waterproof.

This will prevent it from rotting easily. Fill the wooden frame with some flat stones. Once done, bring a hose close to the structure.


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  1. Hammocks

If you want to do landscaping projects but you are on a tight budget, you should consider adding some hammocks in your garden. Hammocks assist you unwind.

They are also great when you’ve guests. Simply place some stakes and ensure you secure them tightly in place. The stakes should be thick and put deep in the ground to guarantee more stability.

hammock ideas for garden

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Place one stake at the center and the other three at the same distance from the central one. This way, you’ll easily set up three hammocks alongside each other.

  1. Water Blobs/Beds

Setting up a water bed at your backyard is another budget DIY landscaping idea. Get two sheets of plastics and cut them to the specific size of bed you want. Two sheets will be enough.

water blobs in backyard

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Then place a parchment paper on the sheet and iron it for the plastic to melt and seal the bed. Drill a hole through which a hose will get into the water bed.

You can then seal it using duct tape. You may also choose to place the hose at one end.

  1. Making Throw Pillows

Rather than spending your money on fancy, expensive throw pillows, simply make some inexpensively. Just use fabric from old clothing and fill the material.

throw pillow ideas diy backyard

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Spray the material to ensure it becomes waterproof. You can mix different patches when making the pillows to make them more colorful.

You can gather soft materials and rags that you don’t use to fill the throw pillows rather than buying filling materials.

  1. Toadstools

If you have children, they will surely love having some toadstools at the backyard. This is a cheap DIY idea. You only need old wood salad bowls, a log, a screw, duct tape, and paint.

toadstools ideas for backyard

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Clean the old salad bowls before painting them. Use a spray paint to paint the bowls. Use any color you like. For instance, you can combine whitish duct tape with red paint. Cut the tape into small or big circles.

Stick them to the bowls you have already painted. Then turn over the bowls. Screw them on the log. That’s it. Your garden now has decorative toadstools.

  1. Take Advantage of Lemongrass

Rather than trying out costly solutions and sprays to keep mosquitoes away, you can simply plant lemongrass. Look for a mature lemongrass plant from the market or a local grocery store.

lemon grass

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Handle it carefully once you get it home. Start with removing any dead parts. Then trim its tops carefully. Place the plant in a jar with water and ensure it gets a lot of direct sunlight.

The ideal jar should be made of clear glass. After some weeks, you’ll start noticing some roots and this is the time you should transplant the lemongrass to the garden.

  1. Using Vases and Planting Flowers

Another inexpensive DIY suggestion is placing some flowers in vases. It is a suitable idea when holding parties. Take some vases of different sizes and then tie them firmly on the fence.

diy ideas for flower vases in backyard

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Once done, put different flowers in them. It will better if you use colorful flowers. If the flowers are tall, then tie them on the fence to ensure they do not fall off especially during a windy evening.

  1. Painting Outdoor Chairs

Metallic folding chairs are common in most backyards, but they tend to have a boring look if they are not decorated.

You can use a spray paint to make them look more appealing without spending a lot of your hard earned money on them. Simply paint one chair in a certain color and another chair in a different color.

painting outdoor chairs

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You can also paint them using one color. The choice of color is all up to you. They will surely look appealing to guests whenever you hold outdoor parties.