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A Guide for Designing a Friendly Backyard for Your Dog

By November 24, 2017February 13th, 2021No Comments

If you have pets in your home, then you should design your backyard or garden with them in mind. A space which is friendly for your dog will keep it happy, healthy, and safe.

Dogs make great friends, and they are like family members for they protect the entire household. However, they may cause a lot of havoc on the outdoor space when romping around the homestead.

You can simply live in peace with your dog by using these tips to create a delightful and dog-friendly garden or backyard.


dog friendly yard surfaces


Make Way for a Safe Exercising Path

Dogs require an outdoor space for running and patrolling, or else they can start being mischievous. Create a path, preferably on the side of the yard or along the edges of your fence.

Use durable materials for the pathway such as mulch, flagstones, and bricks. Beware when going for mulch. Wood chips might be problematic since some dogs like chewing wood.

Twigs and mulch can get stuck in their teeth or they may swallow some pieces and this can make them develop digestive problems.

Also avoid mulch made from cocoa beans. Such mulch might make them sick or even lead to life threatening problems.


backyard dog run design


Create a Playground for Puppies

Anyone who owns a dog knows that puppies love digging and playing. Designate a shady and small area in your yard for them. Simply bury their toys and bones in a sandy or dirt-filled area and let them dig freely.

Designate toys for just playing outside. You can even add viewing bubbles around the fence or an outdoor tunnel such that they can easily patrol the compound while being safe within your fenced garden.


Designate a Specific Potty Place

You should train your dog or puppy to go to a specific potty spot in your yard. Always head the dog to a specific spot immediately it starts going for a call. It will catch on with time and get used to the specific spot.

You can use artificial turf or pea gravel for the potty area. Such materials will blend with the landscape and are indestructible.

These materials are most suitable for a female dog or puppy. If you have a male dog or puppy, then use tall driftwood for the potty area.


Select the Right Planting Materials

Select shrubs, grasses, and ground covers such as hydrangeas and azaleas for the edges of your garden. No plant is fully dog-proof. Luckily, most shrubs and perennials survive abuse from uncontrollable and rough dogs.

Avoid plants with large leaves as they can easily show damage unlike those with small leaves. Fleas can be kept away by going for plants such as rosemary, peppermint, and lavender.

Nevertheless, always check your beloved dog for ticks and fleas. Also plant your veggies and flowers on raised beds. Alternatively, place some raised containers in the yard to prevent dogs from destroying them.


dog friendly landscape design pictures


Provide Water and Shelter

Offer your dog some shelter and enough water especially if they will be spending a lot of time outside during a hot season. A doghouse can offer a shade area to store water and food.


Put the Safety of Your Dog First

Plants like elephant ear, boxwood and cardinal flower are toxic for pets. Check the internet for a list of harmful plants to your dog.

If you are planning to use fertilizers in your garden, ensure they are organic and dog-friendly. This will keep your dog safe and healthy.


Pet Friendly Garden Design Ideas


Think like Your Dog

Watch the patrol patterns of your dog and keep them in mind when designing your garden rather than struggling to change your dog’s habit.

Consider the size, temperament, and breed of the dog when landscaping. If you accommodate the needs of your dog, then you will have offered them a great space in your backyard to keep them happy.

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