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Landscape Design Tips and Ideas for an Attractive Home Garden in Sydney

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Regardless of how beautiful and breathtaking your home might be, it needs a well-designed landscape to be complete. Every homeowner wishes to have a relaxing, beautiful garden.

However, not many homeowners have the knowledge on how to go about it. Luckily for you, this article will give you detailed tips and ideas on landscaping. Read on for everything you need to know about proper landscaping.


backyard landscape design ideas for your home



Landscaping is an important part of home design and architecture. It gives the outdoor space a unique look. It’s an art and science of transforming visible land features into inviting and appealing elements of nature.

Landscaping assists in adding natural beauty to a home. It’s also ideal in reducing heat and noise. It has a huge impact on cooling and heating around your home.

While it’s challenging for some homeowners to create a beautiful landscape design, it’s possible to rely on ideas from Sydney landscaping experts to make your dull yard attractive.

We’ve divided this guide into different sections, touching on everything every homeowner should know about landscaping design.

After reading through this guide, you’ll get answers to all the questions you might be having about creating and maintaining a breathtaking garden.


Reasons Why Landscaping Matters

There are several homeowners who hardly realize the impact that landscaping can have on their home. As such, some homeowners leave their gardens unattended.

They assume that cleaning their yards and adding decorations is extremely challenging and not worth the time it demands. Thus, they find landscaping as an unnecessary activity.

Homeowners who know the value of landscaping take good care of their yards. They allocate time to design and decorate their landscape. Although investing in landscaping accessories appears luxurious to some people, it’s a hobby to others.

Besides the aforementioned reasons for landscaping, there are many other reasons that can urge you to landscape.


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Here are 10 reasons why landscaping is important and why every homeowner should consider taking care of their yards.

  1. Conserving Natural Resources

Landscaping can assist in conserving natural resources, including soil, water, and air. This happens when your landscape is designed properly.

When trees and plants are taken good care of, they’ll purify the air, conserve soil by reducing soil erosion, and attract rainfall. Thus, healthy plants have a huge impact on the earth’s ecological balance.


  1. Preserving Nature

Everyone wishes to reside in an area surrounded by healthy plants and trees. Even urban areas focus on persevering plants and trees while still planting more of them. This is made possible by proper landscaping.

That way, they preserve nature despite having modern architectural structures. Although you’ll see hardscapes such as wooden decks, stone walkways, and concrete flooring in an urban setting, you’ll still see flourishing plants around the structures. That’s why proper landscaping is important for creating an ecological balance.


  1. Creating a Secure Home

There are several ways through which landscaping can create a more secure home. For instance, if your house is built on a hilly or steep area, then it’ll help to build retaining walls. They work by preventing soil erosion. They also prevent rocks and boulders from falling downward.

That way, your home will become safer and more secure. This is extremely important if you have kids around. The last thing you’d want are accidents due to loose soil and rocks. After all, everyone wants to live in a secure and safe home.


  1. Making Your Environment More Comfortable

By making your courtyard have a relaxing environment, you’ll always want to get home early to relax comfortably. Thus, create a comfy and cozy ambience to relax.


  1. Making Your Home Livable

You definitely want to reside in a home that feels and looks livable. Such a home should be comfy, cozy, and with good ambiance. You can easily get such a home by implementing a proper landscape design.

Just think of a yard with weeds and tall grass all around it and compare it with a well-maintained landscape. The later would definitely make a better environment for your home.


small backyard design for a tropical look


  1. Preserving a Natural Atmosphere

One of the key reasons for landscaping is preserving a natural atmosphere. Upon stepping into a properly landscaped yard, you’ll feel more connected with nature.

You definitely know how awesome it feels when having nature around you. Thus, you should adopt the beauty of nature in your home to connect with nature.


  1. Creating Coherence with Artificial and Natural Elements

Since you reside on earth, you should keep it well maintained. The earth is like a rented place. Thus, you should avoid ruining it with the structures you create on it.

The right thing to do is to adapt and adjust to the Earth. This is especially important when it comes to landscaping.

Landscaping involves designing both artificial elements and the nature around you. Thus, proper landscaping entails creating a better environment to live in.


  1. Setting Limitations

Every property comes with its own limitations. In case you opt not to utilize your entire property, then it’s important to decide on limitations on how to use it. This is exactly what is done when marking boundaries for different territories.

The same scenario applies to your home. You can create different areas for different purposes in your compound.

You can set an area for the patio, courtyard, outdoor fireplace, and paths leading to them. Doing so will make your landscape look organized.


  1. Achieving Outdoor Function

In case you’re always assuming that the outdoor space is useless, you’re totally wrong. You can design and transform your outdoor space and give it a new look.

Allocate areas for an outdoor sitting area, living area, dining area, or outdoor kitchen. Doing so will allow you to enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer.


  1. Aesthetics and Visual Appeal

Aesthetics and visual appeal are some of the key reasons for landscaping. It’s extremely refreshing to see a beautiful landscape. You can make your home look like part of nature by integrating a visually appealing landscape design.


How to Reduce the Costs of Landscaping

Most homeowners shy away from landscaping as a result of the costs involved. Landscaping can be quite costly, especially when hiring a professional landscaper.

An average landscaping project done by a professional can cost you anywhere between $900 and $5,000. Hourly fees for hiring a landscaper can cost you between $50 and $150.

These rates are extremely pricey. However, you don’t have to break the bank by spending such huge amounts of money.

It’s possible to create a beautiful landscape on a tight budget.


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Luckily for you, here are some tips for saving money on landscaping projects:


Tip #1- Plan Well

One of the best ways of reducing the costs of landscaping is to have a good plan. It’s necessary to plan properly before buying landscaping supplies. It’s also important to plan before starting your landscaping project.

Doing so will avoid wasting time, effort, and materials. For instance, sketch the kind of landscape design you want to assist you in determining what you need for the project.


Tip #2- Determine the Design you Want

You should think about the landscape design you want. Consider whether you want your landscape to have a simple or complex look. Also, choose between a traditional and modern landscape.

Choosing the right landscape design for your property will assist you in determining what you actually need for the entire project.

Doing so will ultimately keep the costs of landscaping down. That way, you won’t waste money on buying items that won’t be used.


Tip #3- Try to Work with the Items you Already Have

Take time to check around your landscape for the existing trees and plants. Preserve them in your project.

Rather than getting rid of them and replacing them with other features or plants, you can save money and the environment by retaining them and adding decorations.

For instance, trees look great when lighting or rings are added to them. You can also decorate plants with stones or transfer them to decorative planters.


Tip #4- Re-arrange Flowers or Plants

Another great way of giving your yard a whole new look without purchasing a lot of stuff is re-arranging the existing flowers or plants.

For instance, you can re-arrange them into a single row along a path. You can as well group them to work as yard dividers.

Also, you can match and mix different varieties of plants. However, ensure you know their individual characteristics to make sure they’ll flourish together.


Tip #5- Buy Plants at the Best Time

There are certain times of a season when nurseries sell plants at a lower cost. In most areas, plants tend to be cheaper during the fall season.

This is because nurseries often offer clearance sales at this time in readiness to bring in new stock for the next season.

You may get as much as half-price offers. Such a time is also great to plant since the plants can easily develop roots and flourish before the start of summer.


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Tip #6- Take Advantage of Stones

Another great idea for cutting down the costs of landscaping is using stones decoratively. You can gather stones lying around your compound and use them for decoration.

For instance, paint the stones in your favorite colors and arrange them creatively. You can line the stones along a path, along the fence, or even use them to create a ring around plants and trees.

Your creativity will determine the final look. Thus, don’t shy away from experimenting with stones.


Tip #7- Consider the Quality of Landscaping Supplies

When buying landscaping supplies, you should mind the quality of every item. Some cheap items are not always good.

Buying a quality item will eventually save you more money since you won’t have to buy replacements sooner. For instance, it’ll help to buy top-quality landscaping features such as water features, sculptures, and other features.


Tip #8- Look for Alternative Sources

Besides buying plants, check for alternative sources that may be offering free plants or seedlings.

There are local organizations that often give out plants and seedlings to promote planting for a greener environment. Such alternative sources can save you a lot of money.


Tip #9- Look Out for Freebies

While it’s possible to get seedlings and plants from local organizations for free, there are other ways of getting freebies.

For instance, you can checkout demolition sites in your area for bricks and stones. Seek permission from the property developer or local authorities before picking the bricks and stones.

You can also befriend neighbors who’re developing their lawns and share rental items such as chippers, tillers, and other heavy gardening equipment. Additionally, you can share seedlings and plants.


Tip #10- Do It Yourself

Besides the aforementioned tips, another way for reducing the costs of landscaping is by doing it yourself. Rather than hiring expensive landscapers, you can consult experienced landscapers or even learn from the internet and do everything yourself.


Factors to Consider When Creating a Landscape Design

Now that you know the reasons for developing your landscape and how to keep landscaping costs down, it’s also important for you to know the factors to consider when coming up with a landscape design. Read on for more details.


modern backyard landscaping ideas



  1. Determine the Garden Style you Want

The first thing to do should be determining what you want your landscape to look like. Doing so will assist in getting the needed gardening items without much difficulty.

Checkout different outdoor styles and determine the most appealing and suitable style for your landscape.

Also, consider the color scheme, your garden layout, and the kind of trees you want. You can search the internet for creative landscape styles and choose the best one.


  1. Hire a Professional Sydney Landscaper

In case you’re not in a position to design your landscape by yourself, consider hiring a professional landscaping company in Sydney such as NBG Landscapes to get an estimate for landscaping cost Sydney. A professional landscaper has enough knowledge and experience in landscaping.

Besides, you’ll save time and energy by hiring an expert. Moreover, you can rest assured that you’ll get good results. After all, they’ll implement the kind of landscaping style you want.


  1. Match the Landscape with your Interior Design

Your landscape shouldn’t look as if it’s separated from your home. It should look like part of your home by uniting the two with structures such as paths, walkways, drives, sheds, and gazebos.

You can as well add patio furniture to sit and relax while admiring your garden.


  1. Choose Functional Accessories

While accessories are ideal for adding beauty, it’s also worth to consider functional accessories.

For instance, consider setting up a living area on your landscape and add furniture such as outdoor sofas or garden benches. Also, add an outdoor dining area for enjoying dinner with friends and family.


  1. Consider the Size of the Accessories

Before adding any accessory, consider the available space on your landscape. Doing so will assist you in choosing accessories that will fit perfectly into the space.

They shouldn’t look either too big or too small for the yard. For instance, a small garden will look and feel crowded if you add large accessories such as sculptures and birdbaths.

Thus, use the right size of accessories for the available space to make your landscape look beautiful.




  1. Create Appealing Walkways and Entryways

Creating inviting and decorative entryways using curves and arcs will make your yard look stylish. You can as well line the walkways and entryways with colorful shrubs and flowers.

Ensure the walkways are wide enough to allow two people to pass each other or walk together effortlessly. Also, add lighting to the walkways to make it easier and safer to walk through them.


  1. Add Lights

Adding lamps and lights to your garden will create a spectacular effect and enhance safety. Take advantage of spotlights to easily highlight certain areas or features of your yard such as sculptures and water features. Also, ensure the pathways are sufficiently lit.


  1. Do Mass Planting

Mass planting is essential when landscaping. You can plant shrubs, trees, flower-beds, and ground covers. Also, leave some bare areas when mass planting. Herbals and ferns are great for use in mass planting.

For better results, use plants of a certain species when mass planting. Consider the areas that receive more sunlight to plant species that can tolerate direct sunlight in such areas. Plant the species that don’t tolerate sunlight in shady areas.


  1. Plant Large Trees

Although some homeowners don’t like using larger, mature trees, it’s great having them around. They offer sufficient shade in the outdoor space.

Furthermore, they reduce heat within a home. A big tree can create a great focal point in your garden for a comfortable look.


  1. Maintain your Garden Regularly

If you create a breathtaking landscape but fail to maintain it, then your efforts will be fruitless. Thus, spare some time to take care of your garden regularly.

In case you lack enough time for garden maintenance in Sydney, then hire someone who’ll be weeding your garden and watering the grass, trees, and plants.

Fertilizing and pruning are also necessary. If your flowers and plants die out due to lack of maintenance, then your landscape will be unattractive.

By considering these 10 factors, you’ll be able to get an enjoyable and relaxing landscape. Remember to maintain what you’ve worked for to sustain the beauty of your landscape.


Tips for Creating a Perfect Ambience for Your Outdoor Space

Upon implementing the aforementioned tips in your garden, it’s now time to give your landscape the best outdoor ambience.

But how will you achieve this? It’s not that difficult. We’ve prepared some landscape design ideas that will assist you to create a perfect landscape ambiance.

impressive outdoor backyard patio design



Here are the tips you should follow:

  1. Come Up with a Plan

Rather than rushing to purchase landscaping decorations and materials at once, first, come up with a plan. Planning will assist in ensuring that you’ll only buy what you need.

First, sketch fixed landscape features such as your house itself, driveway, pools, walkways, and any other permanent features and structures. Also, include existing plants and trees that you’ll be retaining.


  1. Consider All Important Aspects of your Property

Before implementing your final landscape design, consider the overall impact that plants will have on your home.

Include things like air conditioners, roofing materials, gutters, and water pipes. Also, think about the maintenance that certain plants demand and whether the plants can thrive in the site.

Also, place each landscaping element in such a way that they don’t block the driveway and walkways. After all, you don’t want passersby to get harmed as a result of poor placement.


  1. Use the Available Space

When designing your landscape, you should consider how you’ll use the space available in your yard. Thus, consider all the important factors when designing.

For instance, if noise from the street is bothering you, use hedges to reduce traffic noise. You can also add an area for your children to play in.

It’ll also help to allocate an area for outdoor fun activities such as get togethers and parties to entertain your guests and enjoying grilled meals.


  1. Evaluate the Sunlight

Another important factor to put into consideration is the amount of direct sunlight that hits your property. Sunlight has a huge impact on plants.

It’ll determine the plants to grow in certain areas. Also, note the shady areas. Some plants may wither if grown in areas that have too much direct sunlight while others may wither under shady areas.

Thus, know the plants that thrive under direct sunlight and those that thrive under shady areas.


  1. Consider Water Usage and Climate

Some landscape designs demand consideration of the local climate. Doing so will assist you in selecting plants that will thrive in your local climate.

If you fail to put this factor into consideration when choosing plants, then your landscape design efforts will be futile.

Besides, consider factors such as sunlight, wind direction and strength, and soil alkalinity. Also, consider water usage when choosing plants for your landscape.

In this case, consider whether to plant lush greenery that requires more water or drought-tolerant trees and plants.


ideas for landscaping with low water plants



  1. Research on the Plants you’ll Use

At this stage, start researching on different plants by visiting nurseries.

Consider plants that suit your landscape style and those that are pleasing. Know specific requirements needed for a certain plant species to thrive.


  1. Design Techniques

Take advantage of anchor plants to offer continuity in your garden. For instance, you can use shrubs repeatedly to portray unity in the landscape. Also, create some balance in your garden design by planting similar plants or using a certain planting pattern.

Also, use plants that have varying leaf texture to add variation. You can assist the plants to survive by including peat moss. Place mulch on the flowerbeds to assist plants to retain moisture. You can also use stones and pebbles.


  1. Use Different Accessories and Decorations

Apart from plants, you can give your landscape a better look by using decorative stones, lights, urns, and jars. You can also add decorations such as water features, gazebo, and birdbaths.

There are many more different ways of beautifying a landscape. Just ensure you’re working with the right method to avoid overcrowding certain areas. Don’t use any feature excessively. Use everything creatively without overdoing it.


  1. Colorful Flowering Shrubs and Trees

Use flowering trees to enhance the beauty of your landscape. You can use these trees as borders. You can also place the trees in different areas of your garden.

Go for trees with colorful and beautiful flowers. Surround the trees with some flowering shrubs to enhance the overall look of your garden.

While most shrubs are green, some have colorful flowers. Use them to add more color to the landscape. Make the garden design more attractive and appealing by using the right size of shrubs.


  1. Add Unusual Plants

Go for plants that have unique leaf texture. Doing so will make your garden design look more dramatic.

For instance, use shrubs that bear colorful flowers and huge leaves. Disperse these plants in specific areas of your landscape to enhance its look.


  1. Unique Walkways

Rather than using plain concrete, enhance the look of the walkways by using unique and decorative pavers. Feel free to choose the textures and colors you want.

You can as well add some plants along pathways. Be creative when doing it. Also, add a personal touch if possible. However, if you might be unable to do it yourself, hire an expert to do it for you.


  1. Breathtaking Water Features

You can give your landscape a dramatic and breathtaking look by adding water features such as a waterfall or pond.

Add plants around the feature and choose a type that won’t cover the water feature’s design. Also, place decorative stones around the water features for a more natural look.

However, ensure your area has sufficient and reliable water supply for water features to work well. Luckily, you can find ready made waterfalls or you can build some by yourself.

Adding water features is a sure way of creating a peaceful, natural atmosphere. Thus, consider them and you won’t regret.


Tips for Maintaining Your Landscape

It’s the dream of every homeowner to have a beautifully designed landscape. You’ll also spend money and put effort into the work to get a welcoming landscape.

Upon creating your dream garden, you should keep it well maintained. If you fail to keep it maintained, your efforts will be fruitless and your landscape’s beauty will fade.

If you lack enough time to maintain your landscape, hire an expert to be doing it for you. Regardless of who maintains your landscape, it’s crucial to know everything that needs to be done in your garden.

Luckily for you, we’ve prepared some tips for maintaining your home’s landscape and preserving its beauty. Read on through the tips below.

simple low maintenance backyard landscaping for your family



Tip #1- Clean your Landscape Daily

You should clean your landscape daily to get rid of any leaves that fall or anything that might make it appear unkempt.

If you fail to clean it often, the leaves and other unwanted matter will pile up and become harder to remove. Sweeping your garden is actually a good exercise. Thus, do it often.


Tip #2- Inspect the Plants Regularly

It’ll be great if all the plants in your garden look nourished. Check for insects and diseases that might destroy your plants. You’ll actually find it fun to inspect your plants.

Note down any problems when doing the inspection and attend to them soonest possible. Cut off any diseased and dried parts of a plant to prevent the problem from spreading to healthy parts.


Tip #3- Water the Plants

Plants flourish when watered sufficiently. While some plants might be killed by the lack of sufficient water, others may die out as a result of excessive water. Thus, know how much water each plant species in your garden needs.

The right water amount can also depend on whether a specific plant is new or older. Newer plants require more watering than mature and established ones.


Tip #4- Irrigate your Lawn

Invest in sprinklers to irrigate your lawn. Choose sprinklers of the correct size for your lawn.

You can get assistance from an expert on the best sprinkler for your lawn. However, design your landscape before choosing the sprinklers.


woman pulling out weeds from her backyard garden



Tip #5- Weed your Garden

Weeds have the potential of killing plants. In case your plants die, your garden will lose its natural beauty. Weeds are a major disturbance, even if some of them may look beautiful.

You can maintain your lawn by using fertilizers and kill weed with weed killers. You can as well try to remove weeds using your hands.


Tip #6- Prune the Plants

Once your plants grow, cut some of the leaves to make them look neat and less cluttered. Doing so will prevent the leaves from covering unwanted areas.

If you allow the plants to continue growing without pruning, they’ll distract the overall beauty of your lawn.

You can as well cut twigs and branches if they have reached the gutter, else they’ll clog it. Never allow your plants to overgrow. Always keep your garden well-groomed.


Tip #7- Avoid Killing Earthworms

Always appreciate seeing earthworms in the garden. They’re a sign that your soil is healthy. Enhance the health of your soil by adding shredded leaves, compost, and manure. Fertilizing the soil will keep your plants healthy.


Tip #8- Take Good Care of all Structures

Garden structures such as pillars and statues make your landscape more beautiful. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take good care of them just because they’re made of cement or stone.

They also need care. Clean them regularly to maintain their beauty. You can clean them with soapy water every month.


Tip #9- Maintain your Outdoor Furniture

If you’ve invested in outdoor furniture in your garden and yards, you need to maintain them to continue benefiting from their functionality. They provide outdoor seating and add visual appeal to your landscape.

Ensure you choose high-quality outdoor furniture for durability. Clean them regularly and ensure you follow the manual that came with them when cleaning.


Tip #10- Maintain All Water Features

Installing water features such as waterfalls and ponds adds life to the landscape. Flowing water sounds relaxing. However, maintain water features to enjoy their benefits.

You need to ensure they don’t develop algae at all times. If water is stagnant, change it regularly. Remember to clean the structure before adding fresh water.

In case you own a pond, ensure its ecosystem is balanced. You can do this by having proper plumbing, pumps, biological and mechanical filters, rocks, aquatic plants, and fishes.

Having a home garden adds to the look of your home. However, keep it properly maintained. Failure to maintain your garden and yards will destroy their beauty. Also, your landscape will look unkempt if plants aren’t taken care of.

These tips will assist you in maintaining your garden and its natural beauty. Also, remember to choose the ideal plants for your landscape.


Sophisticated and Creative Gardening Ideas and Tips for Your Landscape

If you see a properly designed and maintained garden, you’ll always want to sit there and relax. Public parks are also crowded with lovers of nature.

Similarly, having a beautiful home garden will make you feel like you’re in the middle of nature. Even if your home doesn’t have enough space for a large garden, you can still allocate a small space for a home garden.

zen meditation garden ideas



Making your home have a serene environment is possible through proper landscaping and gardening. With that said, here are some garden and landscape design ideas you can try:

  1. Labyrinth

In this design, you’ll use repeated elements featuring circles and spiral patterns. A labyrinth will make your outdoor space look extremely creative.

  1. Spiritual Garden

This design combines naturalistic and spiritual themes that will suit your taste.

  1. Water Garden

Add innovating and unusual water features in your garden to showcase impressive gardening skills.

  1. Stones and Steel

Make use of steel and stones creatively for an amazing landscape design.

  1. Fusion Style

Use modern-Asian styles in your courtyard using a seating area, planters, and any other decors that would allow for intimate outdoor gatherings.

These landscape and garden ideas will inspire you to design an attractive garden. You can turn your dull garden into a unique, breathtaking garden regardless of the available space.

After all, adding the beauty of nature to your home will give you a calming and relaxing environment. Moreover, a beautiful garden will give you a place to relieve the daily stresses of life.

With all these tips, you can start transforming your garden into a beautiful, serene environment.