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21 Patio Landscaping Ideas for Creating a Cozy Outdoor Space

By April 28, 2020August 28th, 2020No Comments

Just like your interior space, patios can also benefit a lot by adding accessories and trying out new furniture arrangement ideas.

You can revamp the outdoor space with new patio landscaping design ideas, including DIY projects and styling tips in readiness for the new season.

These patio design ideas will assist you to create a welcoming patio space that you’ll enjoy throughout summer.


gravel patio landscape design ideas with fireplace



  1. Ideas for an Unused Space

You can convert an underutilized space of your yard into a cozy patio. In this case, use vibrant fabrics, decorative furnishings, and attractive planted containers to add a cozy appeal to the patio.

A patio can be built on any space where it’s possible to setup a floor using gravel, woodchips, flagstones, or brick.


  1. Small Patio Design Ideas

Creating an attractive and welcoming patio doesn’t necessary need a spacious backyard. You can still create one in a small space.

All you need to do is have a proper plan and the right materials to create a great outdoor retreat in a small outdoor space. First, ensure the area you choose has some privacy. An area along the fence of your house would offer sufficient space.

You can add a trellis to make the space feel more secluded. You can furnish the space with chairs, a table, and an umbrella.

In case the space is small in square footage, then add a bistro type of table. Also, adding mounted lanterns and outdoor rugs can amplifier the atmosphere.


small backyard patio design



  1. Adding a Fireplace

You can create a warm spot where your family and guests can gather by adding an in-ground fire pit in the patio. You can decorate the seating space using planter boxes containing colorful cacti and succulents.

Also, you can add Adirondack chairs and adorn them with colorful pillows. Such a chair will give you a place to sit and relax as you roast some marshmallows.


  1. Outdoor Bar

You can set up a bar in your patio and have a place to enjoy your favorite cool beverages during hot summer evenings.

You can build a luxurious DIY patio with wood boards and cement blocks. Add outdoor stools or chairs that can reach the counter-height. Complete the outdoor bar setup with an umbrella.


outdoor bar patio design ideas



  1. Lighting Ideas for Your Patio

You shouldn’t limit your outdoor enjoyment to the daytime only. You can go on having fun in your patio after sunset by adding outdoor lights.

Lighten your patio after dark with string lights. You can drape the lights across the patio and attach them securely such that they can stay in place all year round.


  1. Peaceful Patio Design Ideas

A patio should be an outdoor area for retreating after a long, stressful day. Go for plentiful plantings, neutral-colored pallets, and smart furniture arrangements.


peaceful relaxing patio in the backyard of a house


Doing so will create a serene scene that will meet your entertaining and relaxing needs. You can design a low-maintenance patio by choosing weatherproof fabrics and furniture and gardening with container plantings.


  1. Creating a Welcoming Patio

You definitely need a solitary space for reading a book or conversing quietly with your guest. You can make this possible by setting up a patio with some cushy chairs alongside a table to place your books or drinks.

Arrange the chairs and table on a planted garden. You can add more charm by including a simple water feature.


  1. Small Patio with Gravel

You can easily create a lovely patio in a small backyard. You can lay affordable and DIY-friendly pea gravel on a corner to setup the floor for your patio.

building a small patio with gravel


Add a landscaping fabric to keep away mud and weed from the floor. Add an outdoor stool and few chairs to complete the gravel patio.


  1. Outdoor Fabric Design Ideas

Textile for outdoor use comes in different styles, patterns, and colors. They’re designed for durability to withstand both stormy and sunny days.

Thus, they can retain their shape and form for quite long. Cover the cushions with a favorite fabric. You can also add decorative throw pillows. Also, you can create drapery panels to enclose the patio.


  1. Stylish Patio Design

You can refine the look of your patio by upgrading its furnishings. For instance, you can add a unique dining set with glitzy chairs. A table with a stylish glass top and a carved-out base would look extremely elegant.

A stylish look can be replicated by hanging a gilded decorative mirror on a fence or exterior wall near the patio. You can also paint any wooden chairs in your patio with a metallic finish to decorate them.


  1. Colourful Décor

If your patio is looking dull, boost its look by painting it. For instance, you can paint wooden furniture in your favorite colour to add energy and contrast to the patio. Choose a paint and primer that are ideal for outdoor use for a long-lasting finish.


backyard patio ideas with colourful bohemian decor



  1. Inviting Patio Design

You should take your patio as an outdoor space that is both inviting and homey just like your interior space. As such, add amenities and furniture that will make it visually appealing just like you do in your interior space.


  1. Stylish Accessories

You can amplify the function and appeal of your patio by adding stylish and decorative accessories. Adding accent tables that feature patterned fabrics with bold colors and interesting shapes can make the patio look more stylish.

Also, adding smaller items like decorative lanterns and potted flowers or plants will add more visual appeal.


  1. Revive Your Patio Furniture

Take white paint and a paintbrush to revive mismatched or worn outdoor furniture. Check metallic patio furniture for rust before painting. Painting worn furniture will make them look like brand new.

simple patio furniture ideas



  1. Colour Scheme for Your Patio

Planning to redesign your patio? You can add a cohesive colour scheme in your patio for an enhanced look.

You can setup an open-air dining area in your patio and add an umbrella and ruffled slipcovers to mirror the trim colour in your home. Make a table out of an unsophisticated stone to add an earthen tone.


  1. Fresh Patio Design Ideas

Brighten a dull patio space with colorful blooms. Plant perennials on the garden for easy-care colors that’ll show up for many years to come.

You can setup a workbench to work as a station for placing potted plants such that its blooms are easily visible.


  1. Shaded Patio

An uncovered patio can suffer from excessive sunlight. You can reduce glare and enhance comfort in your patio by adding table-inset or freestanding umbrellas.

Choose adjustable umbrellas such that you can reposition them whenever the direction of sunlight changes. Also, go for umbrella fabrics that’ll complement the color scheme of your patio.


  1. Modern Design Ideas

Including some modern conveniences in your patio will allow you to enjoy spending more time in the outdoors. For instance, you can mount a TV screen in your patio for entertainment. Besides, you can also add stereo speakers, fire pit, or outdoor kitchen.

beautiful modern patio design



  1. Antique Patio Design

Antique garden accessories and furniture can add sophistication to both new and old patios. You can get garden relics from antique shows, flea markets, or estate sales that specialize in vintage landscape gear.

Antiques can add an elegant style in your patio while still allowing for modern functionality.


  1. Portable Furniture

Be versatile when arranging patio furniture. Choose lightweight furniture that you can move them easily from a sunny area to a shaded space or to bring them closer together when having a conversation with your guests.

Adaptable furniture such as stools or benches can provide extra seating space. You can also join them to create a table.


  1. DIY Furniture

You don’t have to break the bank by investing in new furniture for your patio. Simply make your own furniture with simple items.

For instance, you can stack up concrete blocks to create a sofa or end table to work as a storage cache for picnic gear, reading materials, and collection.


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