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Understanding the Basics of Watering Your Lawn in Sydney

By March 27, 2018February 15th, 2021No Comments

If you are a gardening enthusiast who hasn’t got much idea on how often and how much to water your garden or when to do it then you should know that there is no set parameter that explains it all in a few simple terms.

The answer is different on the basis of your region, the grass you choose and the overall condition of your garden soil as it always provides vital nutrients and minerals to the grass.


Beware of Over Watering your Sydney Lawn

Over Watering of the Lawn


When learning about how much or how often to water the garden, you should remember that over watering a garden can be very damaging and it can be as bad as not providing enough water.

In case you add too much water to a garden, you will end up washing away the necessary nutrients while removing oxygen from the soil as well. If the amount of oxygen is less, it can lead to problems like shallow roots that can further result in an invasion of weeds.

Hence, you should refrain yourself from over watering a garden by using self-control or taking help of the automatic sprinkler systems.


Time – How Long Should you Water your Lawn in Sydney

It is a fact that the best time to water your garden is early morning because at this time the lawn will drink up a lot of water. As evaporation is minimal at this time, adding even a little water will do the job.

While watering, it’s your responsibility to ensure that water is evenly distributed across the lawn. You should also note that watering at night is not a smart idea as it may promote the growth of disease due to the fact that water simply sits on the garden whole night.

It is not used or absorbed. Similarly, if you water the garden during the middle of the day, you may end up deep frying the green grass rather than leaving it green and lush, which we think you might be aiming for.


Frequency – How Often Should you Water your Grass

When you want to find out how often should you water your lawn, you should remember that there are many things that play a key role in coming to a decision.

The first one is the weather because if the weather is too hot or dry, you will need to increase the frequency of watering. Similarly, if the weather is cooler, you won’t need to water the plants often.

You might not water the plants at all when it’s raining as rains provide a lot of water to your plants. In essence, the decision on frequency can be based on your intuition and common sense.


Be the Judge


Gardener waterning his lawn


The best way to decide when and how much to water the garden is to have a look at every part of your garden often and find areas that need water.

If any part of your garden is too dry and needs water, it will take on a bluish tint that can be a strong indicator. Other things that might also help are reading the weather reports and keeping an eye on the grass so that you can see signs of over or under watering.



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