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How to Turn Your Backyard into A Playground

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If you found your way to this article, odds are you’re considering turning that backyard of yours into a playground. Backyard landscaping projects create spaces that will serve as the backdrop for your children’s memories.

Okay, maybe your thinking isn’t that elaborate and you just want your kids to have some fun. Either way, there are some fun and easy ideas that you can use in your backyard which are creative and full of enjoyment.

While some folks in the world are clearing their yards of snow with a blower by Snow Joe, you’ll be creating the playground of a lifetime. Implementing these ideas isn’t difficult and almost anyone can do it. So, let’s get going!

kid playing and digging dirt in backyard

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Gardening Center

Digging in the dirt is a great activity for children. Not only will it provide sensory play for your children, but it will also help them learn the importance of growth and sustainability. A fun thing to do is grow vegetables together, harvest them, and then create a delicious meal together.

Your children will grow up knowing how to grow their own healthy vegetables for their meals. Plus, there’s an added level of excitement once they see their plant peeking out.

Tire Swing

This playground activity is as old as our great-great-grandparents. Somehow, there are very few things that live up to the fun found swinging back and forth in a backyard with the wind blowing in your hair.

The best thing about this is that if you have a sturdy tree in your yard, a ladder, some rope, a tire, and a friend to spot you, installing one of these in your backyard playground should be easy.

girl playing on a tire swing in the backyard

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Still, you should research exactly how to build a tire swing before you start climbing your tree. Just as you would do with anything that could possibly send your child hurling through the air, you want to make sure your swing is safe for use. Make sure to know what you need and check the strength of the branch you plan on using to hang the tire.

If you don’t have a tree that doesn’t mean your playground can’t have a tire swing. You could use one of the spaces on a swing set, even only you might already have, to hang a tire swing. Once you use it you’ll realize this playground is a great escape for children and adults.

Creative Corner

Setting a spot apart in your yard for children to explore their creativity can be as simple or complex as you want. One thing you can add is a chalkboard and fasten it to the fence. Then you can add some colorful wooden tables with buckets of chalk.

Your children can create a new picture every day, you can take a photo and then wash off the board and leave a clean slate for another day.

An important activity in the development of all children includes sensory play. To make sure your kids are getting enough exposure to it you can add tubs of rocks and sand to your creative corner.

You can give them old jars and have them put different colored sands inside. They can create rock gardens and take them down and do it again.

Add some scents in with your rocks and sand because a sensory garden isn’t solely focused on touch. Taste and scent are two more senses that can be utilized in sensory play. You can also add some fake flowers for arranging.

backyard sandbox for kids

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You can go bigger in the sensory department by adding a sandbox to your playground. There are plastic ones you can purchase at department stores but you can also build one yourself. There are several DIY websites out there that offer a how-to approach to sandboxes.

Be sure to use safe and that is free of toxins and, if you purchase a plastic one shaped like a turtle then make sure the plastic is safe and doesn’t have any jagged edges.


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Obstacle Course

You can build a rope ladder and lay some tires out in the yard. With some wooden planks, you can level them as a balance beam and even get some saw horses with cushions on top for climbing over or ducking under. The point is to get your children into the mood of competition while instigating active play.

Tree House

Those of you reading this post who are fortunate enough to have a tree big enough to fit a small house should definitely take advantage of that situation. Building a treehouse may be a bigger project than you were looking for but, if you have the means and the ability, then we highly recommend it.

So many children have magical experiences in their tree houses growing up, wouldn’t you like to provide that for your children?


Turning your yard into a playground is simple if you just put your imagination to work. If you’re dreaming of building a beautiful Japanese garden there’s no reason why you can’t incorporate some exciting activities for your children as well. Before you know it, you and your children will be spending all of your time outdoors reaping all the benefits of family time and yard play.


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