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Plumbing Problems to be Aware of when Landscaping your Garden

By July 8, 2018February 8th, 2021No Comments

Landscaping is an activity that goes a long way in increasing the value of a home, while improving its curb appeal at the same time.

As you prepare to do some house landscaping in Sydney, you shouldn’t just start digging and do whatever else you need to do without putting some things into consideration.

First, make sure that your landscaping does not adversely affect your drainage system. Secondly, ensure that you do whatever you can to prevent soil erosion, because it can damage your entire outdoor space in the long run.

Most importantly, below are some of the plumbing problems that you should be aware of as you do some landscaping to your ever-beautiful garden.

landscape plumbing and irrigation

Invasion of underground plumbing utilities by roots

Some of the elements that make your garden beautiful are those different species of plants. However, they might be the reason why you are not getting enough water in your house, or your drainage system is clogged. How does this happen?

Just like human beings, plants need water and nutrients to grow. Since they cannot get everything they need from the air, they use their roots to get them from the soil.

As the plants grow taller and stronger, they need more moisture and nutrients. The roots, therefore, go deeper into the soil, and they ultimately get into contact with the underground pipes. Since the roots don’t stop growing, they will ultimately clog the pipes, or exert pressure on them and cause leakages, according to a Pittsburgh plumber.

When landscaping, be aware of this problem. To be safe, call; a plumber who will help you detect issues with your plumbing system and offer lasting solutions. To prevent future plumbing problems that might be caused by landscaping, avoid planting the following trees;

  • Oaks
  • Holly bushes
  • Ivy
  • Willows
  • Birch

You do not want to always hire a plumber to fix blocked drains and leakage problems. Do your landscaping prudently, and this problem will be history to you.

Sewer leaks

The worst problem any homeowner can go through is a leaking sewer. It can cause damage to other parts of the home, not forgetting the disappointment and the foul smell that comes with it.

To ensure you do not fall prey of this problem that has been a head scratcher for many homeowners across the globe, take it into consideration when landscaping your lawn. Ensure you do not plant trees or other plants that will sooner or later penetrate into the sewer system and cause damage.

If you have terracotta or clay pipes, you are more prone to this problem. You can prevent it by having a plumber replace these pipes with concrete PVC or concrete ones.

How to prevent common problems during landscaping

Plan your landscape

Do not landscape your garden without a plan. First, call a plumber who will help in identifying the location of the underground plumbing utilities. This will help in knowing the areas you need to avoid while planting the trees earlier mentioned in this article.

Schedule an inspection and maintenance exercise before landscaping

A professional plumber will use high-tech equipment to check for roots and other blockages that have entered the plumbing system, so that you can know the extent of the damage, and come up with workable solutions.

Block roots!

Some chemicals such as potassium hydroxide and copper sulphate can help in preventing roots from getting into your plumbing system. You can also burry wood and metal barriers to block roots.

Well, now that you understand the major plumbing problems you should be aware of when landscaping your garden, work with a professional plumber, retain the information in this article, and you will have a beautiful garden and a flawless plumbing system in your home at all times!

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